Street Scenes & Sleepy Days: @dabshots_'s Pandemic Musings with LomoChrome Films


Filipina photography enthusiast Alsace Nicole Cablar, a.k.a. Cabs (LomoHome: dabshots_, IG: dabshots_) is one of the many who turned to the craft of film photography during the pandemic.

In this interview, we got to know the 26-year-old shutterbug's thoughts on going analogue and diving into LomoChrome films, especially LomoChrome Purple.

Credits: dabshots_

How long have you been doing film photography and what made you interested in it?

I’ve been into film photography for over a year now. I became interested in shooting films because I fancied the idea of not being able to immediately see the photos I take.

Was this your first LomoChrome Purple roll? What made you interested in it and how was the experience?

Those posted in my LomoHome were from my first roll of LomoChrome Purple. That day, I decided to use it because I was curious to try a color-shifting film for the first time and I wanted to see how it would turn out when my negatives got scanned. It was an exciting experience as I only knew that it turns greens into purples. I wondered about the other colors as I was shooting with the film.

Which camera and lens did you use for these photos?

For the photos in my LomoHome, I used a Canon AE-1 with a 50 mm f/1.8 Canon FD lens. But for some of the other photos, I used a Minolta SRT Super with a 50 mm f/1.4 MC-Rokkor-PG lens.

Did you have a specific approach in mind when you took these photos, considering how the colors would change?

I didn't have any specific approach in mind when I took these photos, I was just happily triggering the shutter button of my camera.

What were your thoughts on the results?

Looking back on the photos I posted in my LomoHome, I think that it was still well-spent because I got to observe the shift of colors and see the streets in different purple tones.

You've also tried the Lady Grey B&W and the LomoChrome Metropolis, how was it and how did it compare with the LomoChrome Purple?

I think that the Lady Grey B&W 400 and the LomoChrome Metropolis are incomparable with the LomoChrome Purple as they all give off different “vibes”. For me, the Lady Grey B&W 400 gives off sad or lonely vibes to my photos while the LomoChrome Metropolis gives off a calm and chill afternoon vibe.

Cabs' LomoChrome Metropolis images.

Do you often shoot street scenes and have you noticed which instances usually catch your interest and inspire you to take a photo of it?

In 2021, I shot a lot of street scenes often because not a lot of people were allowed to go out due to quarantine restrictions. As the restrictions eased, more and more people were able to join photo walks. That's when I started juggling shooting street scenes and portraits.

For street photography, sometimes, the instances that catch my interest and inspire me to take photos are the ones that I think I can see or tell a story about — especially in black and white. Most times, I also just snap shots out of curiosity; how the particular frames I see would look like in film — that's what I did with the LomoCrome Purple, LomoChrome Metropolis and the color negatives because I find that it’s just a fun treat for my inquisitiveness.

Cabs' LomoChrome Lady Grey images.

Do you have future plans for your craft or directions you want to take for your photography?

As a hobbyist, the only plans I want with my photography is for me to get better and one day have my own exhibit of the photos that I want to share to the world and tell the stories of!

Thank you very much, Cabs, for sharing your thoughts and photos with us! To see more of her photography check out her LomoHome.

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