A Purple View of New Orleans with Julia Holcomb


Julia Holcomb, a.k.a waggrad00, has been a long time Lomographer. A quick scan through her LomoHome shows she is all about analogue exploration, experimentation, and expression. Recently she made a trip to New Orleans, and in her usual fashion, made sure to bring a selection of cameras. One of them included our Simple Use Camera preloaded with LomoChrome Purple. Follow along Julia's adventure through her series of photos.

Photos by Julia Holcomb

Hello Julia, it’s great to speak with you again. What have you been up to creatively?

Hello! It’s great to speak with you again too! Creatively, I am slowly getting back into…well, being creative! I have been in an artistic slump the past couple of years, but I am trying to shoot and create images that are outside of my comfort zone. I got back into photography almost 10 years ago because I needed to see beauty in the world again. I feel like I am in a similar place at the moment, but now I want to see the world in hues of Metropolis and Purple. I’m also trying out films that challenge me. I am half way through my Lomography Fantôme Kino ISO 8 roll in my SLR. Such a low ISO is super outside my comfort zone!

You just took a trip to New Orleans. Could you tell us about your visit?

My cousin Nikki, who is one of my best friends, lives in Nola, and I went to visit her (and her adorable pups Toni and Drogo). The last time I was in New Orleans was 18 years ago and the city has changed so much. It was great to be there with a local. The food, the people, the shops and the art were all so inviting. And, City Park is just pure magic.

Photos by Julia Holcomb

What do you think of the Simple Use Camera ?

I’ve used Lomography Simple Use Cameras before, but this time felt different. I think the purple tones were stronger. Honestly, this camera married with the colors and vibrance of Nola are something special. My one mistake is that I did not use the flash enough in shaded areas. This film craves light to do its best work.

Photos by Julia Holcomb

Have you shot our LomoChrome Purple film before? What do you make of the aesthetic, specifically when capturing nature?

I’ve actually shot LomoChrome Purple film a lot. Dare I say, it’s by far my fave Lomography film? (and that’s saying a lot because I LOVE Lomo film) Honestly, this film just makes scenes better. I’ve always loved the way beautiful, melanin rich skin looks on this film.

I was in Nola for a week, so I wanted to be conservative with how much I shot each day (also I am an analogue nerd, so I had a bunch of cameras to play with). However, this plan went out the window when I got to City Park. I don’t like to throw around the word “magic” too often, but City Park is MAGICAL! Seeing these trees, the water and the grass in purple just added to how special this felt. One guy stopped me because he noticed my camera and we nerded out about how special this film is and we had high hopes for what the landscapes would look like with this film. I am so not disappointed! It just took something perfect and stepped it up a notch.

Could you walk us through these photos? Where did you go?

These were taken in City Park, my cousin Dannielle's neighborhood, the French Market and French Quarter, and The Marigny (I cannot even describe how beautiful this neighborhood was with the shotgun homes, art and pure goodness. If people find their way out there, please stop by Baldwin & Co. Books in this neighborhood. Friendly people, great books and really good coffee).

Photos by Julia Holcomb

Where would you like to take the camera next?

I really need to get back to London and make my way to Paris, but that may have to be a 2023 goal. I’d love to take the Simple Use Camera there. Luckily I have some LomoChrome Purple film ready to go in my SLR for my family visiting soon.

Photos by Julia Holcomb

Is there anyone you’d recommend this camera to? What would you tell them?

The last time I used this camera was a few years ago while on assignment in California. I kept it in my bag to shoot throughout the three months I was there. I recommend people who love analogue photography pick up this camera. I recommend people who love going on adventures pick up this camera. I recommend people who want even the most mundane scenes to pop, pick up this camera. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this! I recommend you pick up this camera and go have some fun! When in shaded areas or indoors, don’t be like me, remember the flash!

Learn more about Julia through one of our first introductions of her and her LomoHome.

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    This is a really really cool feature! Thank you so much!! <3

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    A great read and beautiful photos too. Congrats Julia.

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    Thank you so much @mattpringle I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. You're awesome! 💜📷

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    I agree. Great work!
    I’m from New Orleans and it’s nice to see it in LOMO Purple!! ✌🏻

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