LINK, Love is a Necessary Knot – Open Call

We got to know the Italian photographer Francesca Tilio when we selected LINK, her photographic project – submitted at the Circuit Off of Biennale della Fotografia Femminile past edition – as winner of the special Lomography prize.

© Francesca Tilio - Francesca herself and her daughter Dora

LINK is a photographic and performative project about the power of connections:

Making connections means choosing to take unpredictable and wonderful roads.
The pandemic has reminded us, even forcibly, that we are all interconnected.
LINK talks to us about taking care, responsibility and love towards human beings and nature.
L I N K is created step by step through a photography domino effect. The aim is to continue an unpredictable chain that ties the subjects involved in a sort of wave of affection. We know the starting point but we don't know where this might lead.
L I N K could travel around the world and cross oceans, continents and social classes. It may never end.

With this concept in mind, we are supporting Francesca' free OPEN CALL to give the chance to anyone to create new LINKS and participate in a community photographic project. You can become an active part of an artistic project that speaks of ties, affection and connection!

© Francesca Tilio - Dora and Margherita, Margherita and Enrico, Enrico and Mario

How it Works

  • The call is open to everyone in Europe: anyone can participate as the camera provided is super easy to use! To join, simply fill this FORM before June 30th.
  • The 10 people selected will receive one of our Simple Use Reloadable Cameras along with all the detailed instructions. Being the first person, you will be the Master LINK of this project.
  • Each LINK = 1 PHOTOGRAPH! You only have one shot at your disposal, make the most of it! Choose a person you love, a location, and take a shot where you both appear. As we want to contextualize your photo, No Selfies are allowed! (The Simple Use Camera does NOT have a self-timer, so ask a third person to press the shutter button.)
  • After taking your photograph, hand the camera to the person you have chosen for the portrait and invite them to do the same, and so on. It will be surprising to discover the path of your links and see how the Simple Use camera will be moving around the globe with trains, ships, planes...!
  • After the last photo (number 36), we will take care of the development and the scanning of the film and will share the results on our platforms.
© Francesca Tilio - Mario and Kim, Kim and Kim, Kim and Aaron

Need some inspiration? Check Francesca Tilio's original project on her website.

written by melissaperitore on 2022-06-01 #culture #lomolink

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