First Snapshots with the Lomo'Instant Wide—A Photo Gallery by @-dakota-


Those who shoot film nowadays usually say that they do it to slow down. We've gotten so used to a fast-paced lifestyle, and film photography allows the opportunity to take a break from it all. But sometimes, there are moments that simply can't wait, and instant photography comes in handy.

Credits: -dakota-

Photography is always evolving and instant photography is no exception. The Lomo'Instant line, in particular, allows so many possibilities for creativity. For @-dakota-'s first time with the Lomo'Instant Wide, she was able to enjoy shooting close-ups and double exposures.

Credits: -dakota-

Her instant snapshots, bathed in natural light, look effortlessly dreamy and radiant. It's easy to see that, even for someone new to the camera or instant photography itself, experimenting with instant photography is possible and convenient.

Credits: -dakota-

See more photos at -dakota- 's LomoHome.

written by shhquiet on 2022-07-14 #gear #people #instant-photography #community #lomo-instant-wide

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    Very nice

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    Super cool!!

  3. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    Thank you lomography <3

  4. -dakota-
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    @leisuresuit @gionnired thanks :)

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