Around the World in Analogue: Rocky Mountain, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains (aka the Rockies) in Colorado is the largest mountain range located in North America. It's a popular destination for families and adventurers alike, as it offers a variety of outdoor experiences set against sweeping, scenic views. From serene mountain hikes to thrilling climbs, the park is open year-round so you can feast your senses across all seasons.

Lomographer Aaron Jean made his childhood dream come true when he visited this breathtaking mountain range.

Name: Aaron Jean
LomoHome: @aaronxjean
Social Media: Instagram - aaronxjean
Camera: Yashica d
Film: Lomography Color Negative 800 (120)
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Credits: @aaronxjean
Taking a trip to Denver, Colorado with the opportunity to hike the national park has always been a bucket list trip for me since I was a child. The trip allowed me to recenter myself, refocus on dreams and get away from the noise of the big city. It also gave me the chance to jump into a realm of photography that I've always admired, that being landscape. Coming from a small town, I have a certain appreciation and love for wide-open spaces and the greenery.
Credits: @aaronxjean

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