Landscapes in Turquoise Glory: Jason Kummerfeldt's First Impressions


Jason Kummerfeldt, or grainydays on YouTube, returns to Lomography to share his first impressions of our LomoChrome Turquoise comeback. We entrusted him to shoot a roll and share his results with us. Needless to say, we were blown away. Read up on how it went, and check out his video review below!

Hello Jason, welcome back to the Lomography Magazine! How has your creative life been these days?

Been busy! But busy is good right? Whether I’m editing, shooting film, or setting my custom-sculpted wood mallards ablaze at the nearby pond to scare the onlooking children, I’m always creating!

Photos by Jason Kummerfeldt

How did you approach shooting this roll of LomoChrome Turquoise? What was your thought process?

I approached it just like any other roll of film, gently cupping it in my hands and giving it a kiss before I loaded it. It’s a weird looking film, very abstract, so I tried to shoot it as I would any roll of film and just let the colors land where they did. In the future I would probably try to visualize myself shooting an album cover beforehand and work the shot from there.

Which camera did you use?

I used the “titanium daddy” Leica M6.

Photos by Jason Kummerfeldt

We love the striking architecture and scenery you captured. Where were these taken?

These shots were taken in Malibu at a place called the Getty Villa. It’s partly a museum and partly an event site. Either way it’s very beautiful, and one day I hope to have my wedding there, or funeral, whichever comes first.

What do you make of the results? Any features you’d like to highlight?

I thought my results came out great! I was very happy with the shots and that orange hue that the stock turns a blue sky into is very “alien-planet-like”, and I love that.

Photos by Jason Kummerfeldt

If you could reshoot this roll, what and/or where else would you want to capture?

If I were to reshoot this roll, I think I would focus on shooting some colorful landscapes to see what the film did with a variety of colors presented to it. But that’s all in the spirit of experimentation.

I really feel like landscapes are this film stock’s calling card, they just look so good in psychedelic colors.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Make it for 4x5 sheet film you cowards!

Thank you for sharing Jason! To see more of his work, follow his Instagram and YouTube.

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