Lomography’s 10 Golden Rules Challenge (Part 1)


For Film Photography Day last month we gave some of our talented Lomographers from around the world a special mission: to shoot a roll of film inspired by one of our 10 Golden Rules. We invited them to upload the results to their LomoHomes with the hashtag #goldenrulechallenge and the photos produced are everything you might imagine from the members of our community; surprising, powerful, strange and original. Check them out for yourself.

Credits: chaucharliechau, gaz & niklaswag

Rule 1 – Take your camera everywhere you go

For this first rule we enlisted Lomographers @CORINNE-CAMIADE from France, and @GAZ from the UK. Their results were vastly different but both possess the sense of spontaneity that comes naturally when following this first rule.

@CORINNE-CAMIADE's photos feel intimate, perhaps because of the variety of pictures that resulted from the experiment. Candid shots of friends are mixed with everyday images of food, pets and trips to the beach.

Credits: corinne-camiade
“This Golden Rule is the Golden Rule that everyone should follow [. . .] I didn’t have the time to think about the process. I measure, through this challenge, how difficult it is to leave our comfort zones! I did not think of this difficulty and it’s in taking up this challenge that I realized that I was standing on a foundation that I had no idea about. Raising your camera and deciding to shoot an ordinary everyday scene or simply deciding this or that subject deserves my attention is a precise and committed act. But doing it while trying to apply the Golden Rule was more complicated than it seemed at first.”

@GAZ’s images meanwhile are more surreal and prove that experimentation doesn’t always require a methodical approach. He told us, “I decided to shoot with my Lomo LC-Wide on endless panoramic mode this time which blend all the images together and give some pretty cool results.”

Credits: gaz

These panoramic shots feel instinctive and casual, but at the same time completely original.

“I do usually take my camera everywhere as I usually have my LC-A+ or LC-Wide on me as they’re small enough to fit in my pockets [. . .] I’ve always loved being part of the Lomography community since I first stumbled upon some cross processed shots on an LC-A on the Lomography website and I thought - this what I’m going to get into now!”

Rule 2 – Use it any time – day and night

Massimiliano, AKA @FINASTERIDE, is a 53-year-old nurse from Ladispoli, a town on the north coast of Rome. Following this rule was not too much of a challenge for him as he admitted that, in combination with rule 1, this is the rule he applies most often in his photography.

“I always carry a camera in my Lomography bag and as soon as I can if I see something that catches my eye I shoot. I didn't follow a specific concept/process before taking these pictures, in my free time or while waiting for certain situations I walked around trying to find a subject with interesting light to photograph.”
Credits: finasteride
“The Sprocket Rocket and LomoChrome Purple combo is fantastic, I'm happy with the shots I got. I think they are fascinating because of the colors I got from the film, the Sprocket Rocket with its format did the rest.”

Rule 3 – Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it

Spanish photographer @ALEX_PELLICER is an analogue convert, having first started with digital before falling for film. He told us that his style was strongly influenced by two transformative trips to Cuba and New York. "I became more and more interested in street photography and now whenever I leave my house I carry one of my cameras."

This passion for street photography is clear in the results from this challenge, where he captured subtle and intriguing moments in his city.

“My idea in the week that the roll lasted was to try to capture all the daily scenes that caught my attention. Walks around the city, visits to museums or shops, which concluded with the celebration of Holy Week, where Catholics take the streets walking their saints and playing drums.”
“The images are disjointed [. . .] but with some street scenes I am quite satisfied. I have also been pleasantly surprised by some of the images in the origami museum, very experimental and abstract.”

Rule 4 - Try the shot from the hip

“Try the shot from the hip” means for me, that I don’t think for too long before I press the shutter button. In comparison to more thoughtful shootings, these photos don’t have to be framed or exposed perfectly, they just capture a moment and I think that’s sometimes the most powerful part of photography.”

This playful approach gives @NIKLASWAG’s photos a youthful energy and lightness that is almost tangible. This combined with the very deliberate decision to shoot on black and white film creates an undeniably appealing dichotomy.

Credits: niklaswag
“The main concept was to just take my little point-and-shoot camera everywhere I go and don’t overthink every shot. I captured my friends, my everyday life and some behind the scenes of another shooting I did.”
“I truly love the results! Because of a silly mistake on my side, the whole roll of film is overexposed but I think that was more of a “happy accident”. If this would have been a, for example, medium format roll on a proper shooting, I would be super disappointed. But when it comes to snapping photos out of the hip, there can’t be real mistakes as long as the moment is still captured.”

Rule 5 - Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible

Hong Kong based photographer @CHAUCHARLIECHAU told us she has a strong affinity for Lomography’s golden rules, especially number 6. “Don't think” and number 8. “You don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film”. She says, “The photos that I like are mostly taken in a random way.”

Credits: chaucharliechau
“This time I shot with rule 5 "Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible". This golden rule gave me a new angle when shooting small objects and different corners, which I would not pay much attention to. They turned out to be beautiful photos.”
“I am very happy with the results! It was so surprising because I seldom take close-up shots. I found that it has a different feeling when looking close.”

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge. More of their wonderful photos can be found on their respective LomoHomes.
What is your favorite Lomography Golden Rule? Share it in the comments below.

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