Dreamy Double Exposures on LomoChrome Purple by @MELANIE_HC

We’re constantly in awe of the imaginative photographs created and shared by our community members. These images by @MELANIE_HC are otherworldly and at the same time recognizable. New York and Miami are locations we’ve seen many times, but never quite like this.

Credits: melanie_hc

Our LomoChrome Purple 35 mm film regularly throws up stunning surprises in the hands of ever-innovative Lomographers. Add the unpredictable element of double exposures and the possibilities really are endless.

When we asked Melanie about her process she had this to say:

I love taking an experimental approach to photography (rather than a technical approach) and one of my personal goals is to practice double exposures to push the creative possibilities of this technique. I love the surprise of the results, the place it gives to randomness but also how it creates more surprising images that intrigue people. From all the pictures I post on my Instagram account, the double exposures in Lomochrome Purple are always the most successful ones so I thought I should push this aesthetic further and try to own it more and more. In Miami, I was very excited to play with the beautiful palm trees to create double exposures that feels very summery.
After Miami, I spent a few days in New York. Initially I wanted to finish the roll in Miami to focus on the sunny weather but I still had a few pictures left. All the pictures from New York are happy bonuses with happy surprises!
Credits: melanie_hc

Trying to find the right adjectives to describe this set of images is difficult. Ethereal, tranquil, strange and soothing. Perhaps the most appropriate word is simply ‘delicious’. The soft creamy pinks of the beach and buildings beneath wisps of dark purple palms creates an effect that is almost reminiscent of raspberry ripple ice cream on a summer day.

I love how this film makes everything look like living on a different planet. You might have seen the place with your own eyes but this film will show you a different perspective that you can only reveal through the camera. I enjoy using photography to create new visuals rather than simply capturing realities. Of course, I absolutely love the purple and turquoise colors which feels close to my personal aesthetic.
Usually I shoot two layers of two different scenes but this time I wanted to try to make double exposures of the same scene by changing the angle or rotating/flipping the camera. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this technique which opens a lot of new ideas for the future rolls!
Credits: melanie_hc

We would like thank Melanie for sharing the story behind these photos. To see more of her photography check out her LomoHome. Interested in experimenting with LomoChrome Purple yourself? Head over to our Online Shop

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