Recap: LomoWalk Metropolis X Portland


As the Spring season blooms and the weather gets warmer, we're making LomoWalks happen around the world. They're a chance to bring together the film community by exploring the sights of the city and experimenting with the LomoChrome Metropolis film. In April, we collaborated with Portland's Pro Photo Supply to host one right in their city. Several photographers shared with us their results and thoughts on the event. Take a look!

Photo by Myla Garlitz

"I love how Lomography's different types of films lend themselves so well to exploration and experimentation. I'm forever inspired by the Lomo community's openness and adventurous spirit, and this photo walk in particular was a great way to make new friends and connect with like-minded artists. The walk presented a unique creative challenge as well - I've gotten very conservative with my film shots, and this presented the objective of shooting an entire roll within a set time frame, forcing me to open up and find the light and subjects that drew me in while making images that are meaningful to me."

Photos by Katie Small
Photos by Alyson Bowen

"This [LomoChrome Metropolis film] really does have character. The colors are so desaturated (unless you are looking at a red or orange primarily; those pop). The blacks are so inky black. The grain is so in your face. I shot at ISO 100 because it was a bright, sunny day in the park and that was the feel I sought. Next time around I might shoot at ISO 200 or even 400 to get a deeper look. As for when there will be a next time for Metropolis: I wouldn't use it for landscapes or portraits, for example. Cityscapes seem to be its natural habitat."

Photos by Andrew Wilson
Photos by Avel Culpa
Photos by Brian McGloin

"This was my first time on a photo walk and first time trying out a more spontaneous shooting style. I appreciated meeting other photographers and feeling like part of a community that is excited about sharing information. Being new to photography I think I got a lot from talking to other folks about their cameras and what they like to look for when setting a scene. Most of my photos didn't really turn out but I'm okay with that. I was just there to get more familiar with the Metropolis film, to try out new techniques, and to meet people and have some fun. I'm grateful that I could do that."

Photos by Bryan Johnson
Photos by James Umber
Photos by Jeremy Atkins
Photos by Myla Garlitz

"One of the things I forgot over the last 3 years was how energizing it is to gather with other film photographers and wander around a city, chat, geek out about photography and shoot a roll of film you may never have tried before. The Pro Photo walk with LomoChrome Metropolis was an amazing day walking around my favorite city with new friends that share the same passion and love for film I have. The sounds of shutters clicking never sounded better."

Photos by Patrick J. Clarke
Photos by Tommy Spencer

Huge thanks to Pro Photo Supply for making this happen! Thank you to everyone who showed up and shared their photos with us.

Interested in other events we're holding around the world? Check out our calendar.

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LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.


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    love these photos!

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    These are AMAZING!!! And those double exposures are ridiculously cool!!!

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