Meet the Founders of Etéreo Analogue Photo Zine


Get to know the creatives behind the Spanish Analogue Photo Zine Etéreo and be in with a chance to win a Simple Use Reloadable Camera and their latest printed issue.

Welcome to our Online Magazine! Who are the masterminds behind Etéreo Zine?

Cristina: I'm Cristina García, Content Creator and CM at an advertising agency in Madrid, with a strong passion for analogue photography and independent music. In addition to Etéreo, I work on a project about independent music called Le Briquet.

Julia: I'm Julia Cobian, a UX designer and content creator, in love with analogue photography, music and poetry. I'm also creating a "new universe" with my best friend Virginia, called Somos Paisajes, an artistic collective of analogue photography and experimental cinema.

Tell us about your photographic background. What is your story? When did you both start photographing?

Cristina: I started doing analogue photography at university, when I found an old camera which belonged to my mother. This camera (a Nikon Zoom 600 af) is still my favourite, perhaps because of the affection I have for it. I had already been doing digital photography since I was a teenager. But with analogue photography I found something different, which fascinated me from the very first moment.

Julia: I started using a camera when I was very young, practically a kid. I found some digital and analogue cameras of my parents and since then I have always carried a camera with me. When I was eighteen I started using analogue point and shoot cameras more often and when I got to university I had a lab and loved the whole process.

Miriam B (@miriamb.studi)

What pushed you to create a photo zine?

We love analogue photography and wanted, both in print (with the zine) and online (with Instagram), to support other creators as well as encourage the use of film photography.

Why did you decide to feature only analogue photos?

We mainly publish analogue photos, although in some fanzines we have also published digital photography, as we have given a lot of importance to the theme of the zine and some artists had done their work in digital, with incredible results.

Analogue photography has a much more magical side, it helps to transmit a message in a special way, that's why we have always prioritized it. However, this has not always been the case and sometimes we have also accepted digital photography, which can also be wonderful.

How important is analogue photography for you?

Cristina: Analogue photography is part of my life, for me it is a spectacular way of expressing my feelings, and I use film as a small capsule of memories. I really like to photograph with film and develop it after a few months, to remember everything I have experienced with that camera and with that film, in a much more beautiful way, as the magic that a film gives to the photos is impressive.

Julia: I like to photograph in analogue because I look more slowly at what is happening around me. I love to photograph nature and scenes of it as if it were a dream. Analogue photography gives me results that I cannot obtain with digital cameras.

If someone is interested in being part of your zine how can they submit their works?

For us, the zine has two parts, the printed part and the online part. To participate in the online part (publications on Instagram) we have a call for entries, generally without a specific theme, open 24/7 through our email On the other hand, to participate in the printed fanzine, we usually open a call for entries (with a notice on RRSS) specifying the theme and the email address to which the materials should be sent. Very soon we are going to open a new call for the printed fanzine, we are really looking forward to it!

What should we expect from the upcoming edition?

Our idea of the next zine is in process so we cannot say anything yet. The only thing we know is that we are going to open a call in a few months, so stay tuned!

What would you say to someone that would like to start their own photo zine?

When we started to have the idea of ​​creating a fanzine it was a bit uphill because we had no idea of ​​anything, of printing processes or other people who did the same. I think you have to jump in and do it. Maybe the first fanzine doesn't turn out as expected and you don't like the result, but you learn little by little (like us) and you improve until you get the results you were looking for. We are still in the learning process and every time we try to improve ourselves.

Have the chance to win the latest edition of Etéreo and a Simple Use camera: simply head to @etereozine Instagram page and follow the instructions on their latest post! Good luck!

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