In the Mood for Love: a Photo Gallery by Stefano Cicatiello

Looking at these photographs taken on Lomography Color Negative 800 film by Stefano Cicatiello, it is impossible not to be immediately transported into the scenes of the film In the Mood For Love, the masterpiece by director Wong Kar-wai.

© Stefano Cicatiello - Lomography Color Negative 800 (pushed 2 stops)

Stefano is an Italian Cloud Engineer based in Bangkok, Thailand; travels and photography are his greatest passions. After his first digital approach in the photography world, last year he decided to try an analogue camera. From that moment his way of experiencing photography changed completely. Compared to when he was shooting with digital cameras, with his new Minolta X-700 he had to learn how to focus in manual mode, understand how to set the ISO settings, the exposure, and had to restrict his shots since they were no longer unlimited.

Analogue photography allows me to slow down, reflect, think more about the composition and the result I want to achieve. Also, since I work in IT, I don't want to spend my free time in front of a screen retouching images. With film you have to decide and visualise before you shoot, not afterwards when you are at the computer.

Stefano' biggest source of inspiration is cinema.

My favourite directors are Nicolas Winding Refn, Wong Kar-wai, Denis Villeneuve. Many of their masterpieces like Drive, Only God Forgives, In The Mood For Love, Blade Runner 2049, I watch them over and over again to understand how they choose colors to tell stories, the use of light, the composition of scenes. I also like to draw inspiration from Renaissance paintings even though I am not an art expert. Among contemporary photographers, I follow Polina Washington, Sebastien Zanella, Zhong Lin.

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Models: Meen and Lottae.

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