Spanish YouTuber Carla Dief's First Impression of the New DigitaLIZA Max


We put our exciting brand new release, the DigitaLIZA Max, to the test. Check out the results from Carla Dief and her home film scanning.

© Carla Dief

Hi Carla, welcome back! Please tell us what equipment you used with DigitaLIZA Max for these amazing scans?

My first idea was to use my smartphone, but I didn't like the results a lot, so I ended up using my mirrorless Nikon Z6 camera.

Can you share your experience when using DigitaLIZA Max?

My experience was great! It's so simple to set up and use. I think every film photographer must have one of these just in case. All of us store our film carefully but we can lose the scans. I like the way you can store it. Conventional scanners are big, but you can simply disassemble the DigitaLIZA and put it in a small box.

© Carla Dief

How do you feel about this film scanner?

I think it is a fantastic idea. When I started film photography I was looking for a film scanner, but they were all expensive. I think the DigitaLIZA is a great option.

What tip or trick can you share with those who are looking to try this scanner out?

My only tip is to be careful with the light around you. Try to do the scan process in a dark room in order to get better colors.

Are there any features and abilities you want to highlight?

I like a lot the fact that there are no limitations in mobility. You can adjust it however you want, and that's a small detail I really like.

© Carla Dief

Have you self-scanned your negatives previously? If so, what did you use and how does the DigitaLIZA Max compare?

Yes! I scanned some time ago using an Epson V600 and the experience was different. The Epson has its advantages, but the price is much higher, while the DigitaLIZA is affordable and easy to use for everybody.

© Carla Dief

Would you recommend this scanner to anyone specific? And what would you tell them?

I think this is a great product for beginners because it is easy to use and affordable. And I would tell them that in the long run they will save a lot of money on scanning.

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