Life in Doubles — a Photo Gallery by @sofi_ramis


We love double exposures as much as you do and that's why we want to shine the spotlight on the work of one of our community members—@sofi_ramis.

Credits: sofi_ramis

Sofi has a great technique when it comes to capturing portraits using the double exposure technique. She combines beautiful captures of her subjects with interesting backgrounds and is able to come up with charming results. We love how simple the original photos are, but we're loving them even more when Sofi does her magic using her camera. The results are truly one-of-a-kind.

Credits: sofi_ramis

When asked about her doubles, this is what Sofi had to say:

“My subject, in particular, is documentary, but I see photography as a sport that opens up a world of possibilities for me, including the double exposure technique. I find it very entertaining to play with composing two images and fighting against the frame. You have to think a lot about where you place each object. It is a more pictorial technique that I have finally ended up taking to my field: photographing two moments and a poem comes out of that result.”

We would like to thank @sofi_ramis for letting us share her images. Follow her at her LomoHome to see more of her work.

written by cheeo on 2022-04-26 #people #spain #photo-gallery #double-exposures #sofi_ramis

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