First Time with the LomoChrome Turquoise for Bird aka Pakornographo in Thailand


Bird (Pakorn Lueang-aramsuk), the owner of the Facebook page pakornographo, is an architecture photographer with some really impressive works. Today, Bird shares with us his stunning LomoChome Turquoise portraits, taken in Koh Sichang and Pattaya.

Hello! Please introduce yourself to our Lomographers. : )

Hello, I’m Pakorn Leung-aramsuk, pakornographo on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been fighting with my life for 33 years.

When did you get into photography?

I started taking photographs about 6 years ago, but it’s really difficult to answer how it started. In short, when I took photos of my friends then they always got good photos. However, when friends took pictures of me then the photo came out like I was a friend’s driver. Then one day I had the opportunity to go to London to meet my girlfriend. When I was walking through the airport I felt like I needed a camera to capture the memories so I bought one. Ever since then I have enjoyed taking photos. Plus, I saw lots of beautiful photos on Instagram that were taken by my friend, rockkhound. When I saw his photos I decided I wanted to take photos like that. That’s when I started learning everything from scratch, from aps-c sensors through to full-frame sensors. I kept learning and now I’ve taken photos with many friends, photographers and influencers such as woody_chai, december19, piboonwat, jkrnn, bossarsenal, vibevisual, vanwongs, dreampatit and more. I still find the time to take trips and take photos more often. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, I would have been able to travel to many countries and take a lot of beautiful photos.

© pakornographo | Model: eveiiieve

Could you define your own photographic style?

My style changes depending on the mood and tone of the shoot. For the last two years, I’ve been confused about this, probably because I haven’t found my own tone or perspective. I know that I like the architectural style which is cool and I like the photos that don’t look like they were taken in Thailand. I really like the futuristic style, it makes everything look a certain way and people don’t know what the real colors are. Most of my photos are of architecture, landscapes, cityscapes or streets and I also take candid portraits. I’m always trying to learn and develop my skills. Until today, my work has had a cinematic style but now I also love the editorial fashion style.

© pakornographo

After trying LomoChome Turquoise, what do you think about it?

Actually, I was thinking too much before shooting. I was thinking about the tone of the film, how the colors would change, whether the photos would be sharp or not and I was feeling too concerned about the result, but I knew it was going to be fun for sure and that it’s really state-of-the-art. I’ve never shot with turquoise tones before but after I saw the colors in the sample shots I knew it would be fun. So it’s actually fun, the colors and contrasts, the shifts from blue to orange. I like the result of the photos.

© pakornographo | Model: eveiiieve

Where did you take photos? Did you have a concept for this photoshoot?

Before I took the photos, I first pictured them in my head and I made a storyboard, starting from the mood and tone. After I looked at the sample photos, I thought that I would take some cityscapes and include seas and wide fields. Of course, I needed a model to help convey the mood and make the photos look interesting with her eyes and her emotions. The concept of this photo series is portraits, street and architectural shots. I decided to go to Koh Sichang and Pattaya because I wanted to see the real location and it was really great. Fortunately, there are not many tourists at this time of year so I had lots of time to take photos however, due to the limitations of the film, I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos. I only took a few shots and then the film was unfortunately at the end of the roll. If I had 5 rolls of film I think it would have been a lot more fun.

© pakornographo | Model: eveiiieve

Your photos have a very striking blue and orange color, do you have any tricks to share with our readers?

As far as I’ve noticed from the film, it’s the inverted tones, so the white things will turn to black and the black will also turn white. Likewise, anything that is orange will change to blue and anything that is blue will change to orange. After you’ve been taking photos for a while, this will pop into your head before shooting and you will then know how to process the image after you finish shooting.

Your photos have a very interesting perspective. Would you like to try this film in another place?

There are many places I would like to take photos right now. I want to go to many countries like South Africa, Argentina, Italy and Greece. Each place has its own character. In the end, it’s about the story that we put into the photos and the meaning of the photos that can help our audiences understand it.

These are my four most important considerations when taking a photo:
1. Mood and Tone
2. Model
3. Location
4. And finally, story
© pakornographo | Model: eveiiieve

How can we follow your new works?

You can follow my works on
IG : pakornographo
FB : pakornographo
IG : thehypothesisone (for wedding photography)

Thank you Bird for answering our questions! LomoChrome Turquoise 2021 formula is now available via our Online Shop.

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