Wonder of Film Soup: A Gallery Of Funky Photos in Our Community.


If you type film soup , there are 150 articles dedicated to the topic in our magazine. It gives you an idea of how much we love this technique and the multitude of uses that a photographer can apply.

In this gallery, we are exploring some of your work. From extreme abstract to slight tint pictures, film soup has the power to give an innovative and unique look to your photos.

Credits: pinar434, ciasteczkatynki, doomah_blut, bbitches & pinkbutterfly

What we especially like is the unpredictability of the results. Thinking about the process may make some photographers shiver at the idea of cooking and soaking their negatives.

Although, there is always a degree of the unknown in analogue photography. Something can go wrong anytime. As wild as this all might sound to some, the rush of adrenaline for a creative photographer; comes from taking those risks and experimenting.

Credits: wolfiestardust, icantstandpickles, pasadena85, luqezr & jr-moon

While you wait for the film to dry and the chemicals react to the nitrocellulose gelatin, that limbo is the process where the great unknown works, the mystery that surrounds film soups. Still, there is some degree of control that goes into it.

The recipe you choose will determine how much manipulation you will achieve. Different techniques influence the outcomes as well. That is all up to you.

Credits: furn7973, hodachrome, markbermas, irek & pinkbutterfly

There are some skillful photographers in our community that have uploaded some awesome film soups albums. By sharing their results, they have inspired our creativity as well. We encourage you to not be afraid and take up the challenge of cooking some film.

Be mindful when you shoot a roll of film of what you will do to it. You can plan what subject to choose. Whether it is people or landscapes, frame your photos accordingly. Then let the magic begin.

Credits: jr-moon, yulia_adamova, troch, alinasycheva & moongrowl

What recipe would work best with your scene? If you have never tried or you don't know where to start, there are plenty of ideas to follow and articles from where to source good recipes.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Hodaka Yanamoto's photo are just outstanding in every D.I.Y. technique 👏

  2. eparrino
    eparrino ·

    @hervinsyah Very true!!! :)

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