Photo Gallery: Lomography Film Portraiture by @endot

Preparing for a great portrait shoot is not limited to choosing the appropriate styling and location. Choosing which film to choose is a factor, too. From color negatives to color shifting films, Lomography gives you a variety of choices to explore and have fun with. Let Thailand-based lomographer @endot show you how it's done!

Lomography Color Negative 800

Under the glow of the golden hour sun, these daytime portraits depict warmth and gentleness. The colors are radiant without being too overpowering—the focus is still on the muse.

Credits: endot

Here, using the same film, @endot takes advantage of the Lomography Color Negative 800 's high ISO with these urban nighttime portraits, lending a cool, edgy kind of beauty look.

Credits: endot

LomoChrome Purple

Dreamy on brighter days and moody after dark, @endot illustrates two unique looks using the LomoChrome Purple film. Daytime photos are soft and painterly with pastel tones, while deeper colors emerge in nighttime shots.

Credits: endot

LomoChrome Metropolis

Cool muted tones are the LomoChrome Metropolis 's trademark. It delivers a clean and classy look that enhances the beauty of the subject without going overboard. The model's red lipcolor gives just the right amount of pop to contrast against the pale details.

Credits: endot

To see more photographs, visit @endot's LomoHome. Curious about Lomography film? Head over to our online shop to see more information and availability.

written by shhquiet on 2022-04-21

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