Family Bonding Through Film: Philippe and Zoé Multeau


Happiness and love radiate from @frenchyfyl's photographs. His Lomohome is basically a family diary, where every special moment is celebrated—travels, picnics, escapades, and even just quiet days lazing under the sun. This love for life and passion for film photography is something that he shares with his daughter @lilizoe, whose photos serve youthful energy and good vibes.

Following our feature on the Heinz family, we introduce you to the lovely dad and daughter team, Philippe and Zoé Multeau!

The Dad: Philippe Multeau

Hi, Philippe. What have you been up to lately?

In winter, I generally take fewer outdoor photos, I'd rather stay at home. But in the spring, the return of good weather makes me want to take out my cameras again! I just got a very old Nikon FM that belonged to my boss. It is in superb condition and I can't wait to try it!

Credits: frenchyfyl

The past couple of years greatly restricted our movement due to the pandemic. How did you adjust during that period?

During the lockdown periods, I was able to work from home on my personal computer, it was a rather fun experience. I am lucky to live in the countryside where it is easy to go for a walk alone in nature. So I did not suffer from the lockdown and I was able to continue taking photos without any problem!

Your daughter, Zoé, is also into film photography. When did you discover that she was also into it? Was this your influence?

I gave Zoé her first analogue camera when she was 11 years old! It was a La Sardina, easy to use. She took some funny photos, but since she was still a little young, she quickly gave up. She didn't take any more analogue photos until she was 19 years old and suddenly, one morning, she said to me: “I would love to take photos again! Do you know where I can find a camera?” Many of her friends at university were into film photography and that probably made her want to start again.

Credits: frenchyfyl

So I bought her a second hand Canon AE-1. I thought she would get fed up quickly and I would get this great camera back for me. Well not at all! She loves it and she now very often uploads photos on her Lomohome.

Among the photos in her LomoHome, which ones are your favourites?

I like her photos. Like me, she prefers to take people rather than empty landscapes like “postcards”. And like me, she loves to press on the shutter without thinking! Her photos are spontaneous.

Credits: lilizoe

I really like her photo of the two of us taken with the LomoChrome Metropolis film. We were in the car and she suddenly placed the camera on the dashboard and used the self-timer.

Credits: lilizoe

(L-R) This portrait of her little brother was taken on Halloween. He was wearing makeup and wanted to strike a scary pose. The play of shadows and lights on the face makes this photo very powerful!

She was travelling by train and made a portrait of her friend @camcamp. Later, in memory of this strange period that we are going through, we will undoubtedly have many masked portraits in our photo boxes ... the mask brings out the glance.

What creative advice or photography techniques have you shared with Zoé?

Zoé had never had a sophisticated camera like the Canon AE-1! I had to teach her how shutter speed and aperture settings can affect depth of field...etc. But at her age, you understand very quickly! :-)

I noticed that young people are much less anxious about technique than we “old people”. Zoé uses her camera more intuitively and spontaneously than I do. She's really into the "don't think, just shoot" philosophy, and she's right!

Credits: frenchyfyl

What does film photography mean to you and your family?

With my daughter, it brings us even closer! We discuss the characteristics of the films, we mutually comment on our photos... I find that sharing a passion with your children is the best thing that can happen to a parent! Many young people today are returning to film photography or, for example, listening to music on vinyl records. After the "all digital", they return to more "authentic" pleasures and it's nice.

The Daughter: Zoé Multeau

Hi, Zoé! What’s keeping you busy these days?

Hi! I arrived in Seoul, South Korea, three weeks ago. I’m gonna be an exchange student there for 4 months, and for now, I’m still discovering the big city and this new culture with stars in my eyes. I’m taking a lot of pictures and making videos about my trip! (I’m also busy studying, of course — I promise, dad!)

Credits: lilizoe

When did you start taking film photos? What was your first camera?

I started taking film photos in middle school. My dad offered me a Sardina for my 11th birthday. But since I was young, I didn’t take it seriously. I started taking pictures again really recently, like a year ago.

Credits: lilizoe

What do you like about film photography?

I have always been interested in creating images. I started with videos, and then I wanted to try photography. I really like taking pictures with strong colours, and since I don’t know how to edit pictures I thought using film would be a good way to have interesting colours. Also, since now almost everyone takes digital photographs, I like the fact that film photography brings me closer to people who have the same interests as me (like my friends and my dad).

Among the photos that you have on your LomoHome, which ones are the most memorable to you?

These pictures are my favourites because they represent everything I like about film photography! Some original colours, some captured moments of life and some love!

Credits: lilizoe

Note that both Dad and daughter picked their photo together as a favourite!

Your Dad is an avid film photographer and a graphic designer. How does he influence you creatively? Has he ever given you advice?

My dad has always influenced me in my creativity. When I was younger, he introduced me to video editing. He also shared with me his taste for music, and now we share the same passion for film photography. Since I didn’t know anything about film photography, he really helped me to take the plunge when I wanted to start! And every time I have a question, I call him and he helps me, even on the other side of the world!

Credits: lilizoe

Among the photos your Dad has on his LomoHome, which ones are your favourites?

I think my favourite pictures are always the pictures of my little brother, because he is the cutest person in the world. I also like a lot of the pictures he took of me, but I don't want to sound like a pretentious girl (haha)! It’s really difficult to choose because my dad takes too many pictures. But here are some of my favourites:

Credits: frenchyfyl

How important is photography in your family?

I think photography has brought us even closer through a common passion. Even though I'm growing up and moving away from my family, I'm happy to know that there are things that will always unite us. I can't wait to pass this passion on to my little brother!

Credits: lilizoe

To see more photos, follow Philippe and Zoé's LomoHomes: @frenchyfyl and @lilizoe!

written by shhquiet on 2022-04-12 #film #family #friends

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