Life According To @capt-adorable — From A Monochromatic Point-of-view


We're always on the lookout for great photo albums and we just feel genuinely happy that we never run out of community members to feature. This time, we're going exclusively black-and-white as we share with you the work of @capt-adorable.

Credits: capt-adorable

Simon aka @capt-adorable is fond of capturing scenes of daily life (including some amazing high-contrast landscapes) and has made it a point to share his exploits regularly on his Lomohome. We're really digging the intense blacks and contrasting whites of his images. They just grab your attention and make you stare into all the little details within the frame. Simon doesn't exclusively shoot with film or b&w so there's quite a variety in his images that will keep you browsing for minutes on end.

When asked about his relationship with photography and film, here's what Simon had to say:

“After many years of not taking pictures for pleasure I've finally rediscovered the joy of shooting again with film. I love film and digital. I'm not precious over film or digital. I think each medium has its value and advantages, but I do have a fondness for film—be it 35 mm or 120 roll film. If I had to choose though, film would be my first choice. Film photography makes me a more careful photographer, it's a process that engages my mind and eye more so. Black-and-white is my favorite medium—I like the simplicity. Each of my pictures keeps me mindful of my place in the scheme of things and how important my peace of mind is."

Here's to hoping that we'll see more of him and his wonderful captures in the near future.

Credits: capt-adorable

We would like to thank Simon for letting us share his story.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Beautiful (infra red?) 👍

  2. capt-adorable
    capt-adorable ·

    @hervinsyah hi there, no, I use a red filter. Thank you for being interested.

  3. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·


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