Photo Gallery: Hazy Monochromes by @lagia


Truth is, there is a fine line between a photo that is artistically blurry and one that is ... well, just blurry. These misty black & white photographs taken by @lagia fall under the former.

Credits: lagia

Another truth is, the well-loved Diana F+, which evokes a soft-focus effect, is prone to blurs under low-lighting. It's a charm and a quirk that its cult fans appreciate, care of its lo-fi plastic lens. It's also the camera used in these shots.

However, in some of these images, @lagia used the Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass Lens, which delivers sharper results. Through the photographer's creative execution, the results are dreamier and more mysterious.

Credits: lagia

Looking at @lagia's photos makes us feel like we're under a spell, somewhere between sleep and awake. Hazy, grainy, and gritty, the photos never reveal the whole story, we are just given faint hints of it. It is up to the viewer to interpret the image and try to make sense of what is happening.

To see more photos, visit @lagia's LomoHome.

written by shhquiet on 2022-03-18 #gear #medium-format #monochrome #120 #blur #black-white #diana-f

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  1. leisuresuit
    leisuresuit ·

    Great post cool photos

  2. lagia
    lagia ·

    Thank you very much!!! :) i really like this camera i take it with me everywhere!

  3. steeveephoto
    steeveephoto ·

    Great post & Beautiful Images :)

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