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Diversity is something that we value in our community, and we honor creative talent—regardless of race, age, level of experience, or gender. Over the years, we have spoken to a lot of talented women in photography, each with their own visual styles and stories to tell. March is when we celebrate International Women's Month, which means we are shining the spotlight on female photographers even more so. People are usually divided when it comes to holidays like this, but the truth is, the dialogue about inclusion and acceptance in our society is far from over. We've picked a selection of the most interesting conversations we've had with female photographers in recent years, and we hope you'll find inspiration from their creative journeys!

Talisa Swanson

For Talisa Swanson, logistics and technicality in pursuit of perfection can make a photograph seem soulless. "Play is a huge part of creating and learning. There is something magical when artists play, attempt to redefine the use of a tool, or are driven to experiment with their tools," she says. Technique-wise, she loves double exposures, because it holds endless possibilities.

Get to know more about Talisa in this interview.

Credits: Talisa Swanson

Rosie Matheson

When asked about what she wishes to get across with her photographs, Rosie Matheson answered, "I like to show the diversity and to be inclusive of all. I think it’s a simple message about being human, having emotions, and capturing a moment in time." She finds inspiration in anything—in her words, "small elements of life that tell a story."

Discover Rosie's story in this interview.

Credits: Rosie Matheson

Safia Nadim

A heartbreak led Safia Nadim to film photography. A former boyfriend gave her a Smena Symbol, and when they parted, Safia fell in love with film. "I felt very lonely then. The only thing that gave me strength was photography. It forced me to go out and I taught myself everything. I always wanted to get better and better. It was like therapy for me." The story might be bittersweet, but Safia counts her emotions as her inspiration for photography.

Read more about Safia in this interview.

Credits: Safia Nadim

Melyssa Anishnabie

Decay and solitude are among the things that Melyssa Anishnabie loves capturing on film. She reveals being drawn to abandoned houses, wondering about the mysteries and stories of its former inhabitants. "I try my best to photograph these homes and relics respectfully and always leave the homes as I found them. While they may be abandoned, they are still the remains of someone else's memories and life and deserve to be treated with care."

Read more about her creative journey in this interview.

Credits: Melyssa Anishnabie


Fun, casual, intimate. Amanachan takes photos of mostly girls in different looks because she enjoys being able to express one's individuality through fashion and beauty. She is quick to add, "I don’t mean to define what girls are and what they should be." Instead, she helps us understand, through words and photos, the joy and complexities of being a girl.

In case you missed it, here is Amanachan's empowering message for and about women.

Credits: @amanachan

Roxanna Angles

Roxanna Angles wears many hats as a film photographer, co-host of Negative Positives podcast, and an author of a book that introduces mindfulness by way of photography. It was inspired by her work as a counselor for kids and teens. Regarding her work as a photographer, she says, "Real life can present itself with such harsh realities, that I want to transport my audience into a lovely alternate universe."

Read our interview with Roxanna here.

Credits: Roxanna Angles

KALI of Evertender Studios

Nothing is going to stop KALI of Evertender Studios from creating these psychedelic dreamscapes—not even her disability. "I am very determined to make the most of my life, even though it is painful, and a huge part of that means creating as much art as possible." Film photography has greatly impacted her life and she makes sure not to take it for granted. "I've lost a lot of my life over the years, but being able to operate a camera has thankfully remained an accessible creative practice for me."

Know more about KALI's story in this interview.

Credits: evertenderstudios

Let's hear it from you—who are your favorite female photographers and why? If they are part of our community, tag them to show your appreciation!

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