A Newbie's Guide to the Diana F+ Family


Radiant, vignetted, soft-focused, and truly analogue—through the years we've sung its praises, and today, the Diana F+ still maintains its dream queen status in the analogue world. Those in the know acknowledge that the lo-fi look, light leaks and lens flares are part of its charm. In fact, these quirks are often replicated by photo-editing apps to give mobile and digital photos a "film-like" effect! But why fake it, when you can actually take it? The Diana F+ has expanded to other formats: 35 mm, 110, and pinhole, all of which emit the distinctive dream-like Diana aesthetic. If you’re new to all this, don’t worry! Here’s a quick guide to help you find your match.

Pro-tip: The Diana F+ family loves light, so make sure to shoot where and when there's plenty of it. Otherwise, use the flash when shooting indoors or in low-lit conditions. Also, having the sunlight hit the plastic lens will result in light flares.

Credits: shoujoai, ceduxi0n & moodification

The Classic

The Diana F+ is your go-to camera if you’re looking to shoot medium-format squares. With a roll of 120 film, you can shoot either 12 full-frame squares or 16 smaller shots. You can shoot multiple exposures, endless panorama, and even pinhole photos. It includes a flash and a pack of color gels to tint your photos with a burst of bright color.

Credits: blackbyrd, renaishashin, lagia, wilfbiffherb, flashback & amaragana

The Sharp-Shooter

If you already have the Diana F+ camera and wish to sharpen the soft focus, you can switch its standard lens to a Diana Glass Lens for an extra-crisp finish to your photos.

Credits: yonosoydeaqui, gui_llaume & pearlgirl77

The Mini

The Diana Mini looks just like the classic Diana F+, but it's smaller. It shoots 35 mm film, so you'll get up to 36 shots of square photos ... and even up to 72 shots, if you're using the half-frame format.

Credits: lenay, duffman, dianasaur & amanachan

The Baby

Even smaller than the Diana Mini is the Diana Baby 110. This cute camera conveniently allows quick snapshots from pocket to palm, using 110 film. You can even shoot multiple- and long-exposures with it too!

Credits: bnjmn & ctplr

The Psychedelic

The Diana gets trippy with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator! A simple and straightforward pinhole camera that allows you to play around with the included color gel filters for even more wild effects. With this camera, you have the choice to expose through 1, 2 or 3 pinholes with every shot.

Credits: eyecon, 8sea & bccbarbosa

The Instant

If you're after some immediate analog satisfaction why not try the Diana Instant Square camera. This has all the much-loved analog features of this classic medium format camera but using Fuji Instax Square film! This camera is available as a Deluxe Kit which comes with a variety of lens attachments ( 20 mm Fisheye, 38 mm, 55 mm & Close-up, 75 mm, 110 mm), a Splitzer for slicing-and-dicing images, and Diana F+ Flash with color gel filters. These are all compatible with the Diana F+ edition, too!

Credits: frenchyfyl, lomographynyc & smolda

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