A Gallery on Girls Traveling Filled With Incredible Adventures


It was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr that said "There is power in numbers and there is power in unity." So, in celebration of International Women's Day, we're shining a light on the importance of our female friendships and how they help shape and strengthen us all.

We are well aware that knowledge means freedom and independence. If we aim high, we can conquer everything. We chose to focus on travel because, while traveling, we get to know and see, with our eyes, different ways of living. It is a basic premise to form one mind and opinion.

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It is, indeed, a magical experience: we can see and try a way of life that we could like or dislike. Coming back home, we can appreciate our traditions. Or we can be transformed by a great experience that changes our lives forever. To visit a museum or a tech institution, and get inspired by the work of others, can be a great catharsis: travel can sparkle new ideas, it quenches your thirst for knowledge.

There is nothing like the bond that creates between people that travel together. The joy of traveling with your girls' friends is a unique and invaluable experience. Exploring new cities discovering new cultures will make you rich. Perhaps, not economically, but spiritually. Picture yourself in a new place: The smell of food on the streets, while your nose is up in the air looking at the astounding architecture; just before jumping on the next train to see another location on your list. Priceless.

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One thing is always with you, your beloved camera, the keeper of your memories, that will stand the passing of time. Be sure that; when you'll need it the most, images of those magical times will resurface and bring the memory and joy back. Don't forget who was at your side and who you were.

They will remind you of that night when you and your friends were staring under an immense dark sky, illuminated with the brightest of the stars. You had talked for hours about your dreams and hopes for the future. After having had the most incredible adventures of all time.

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You all broke your piggy bank, where each of you was collecting your savings to afford this trip, and finally, book your tickets. The moment you so long-awaited was finally a click away. Just one more page loading your bank information, and then the confirmation was in your inbox. World! Here we come!

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What are you planning for your next trip? Share your ideas in the comment bellow. We love to celebrate friendships and adventures, and we can't wait to see pictures in our community.

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