Drawing on the Panoramic Diffuser of the DigitaLIZA+: a Non-invasive Technique to Alter Your Negatives

You know that here at Lomography, we highly encourage creativity. Today we want to give you a little tip on a fun way to modify your negatives without altering the film. The primary purpose of the diffuser was to spread the light across your frame evenly when scanning your panoramic pictures. However, the 35 mm panoramic diffuser can transform into a canvas to convey new ideas.

Negative manipulation involves the physical alteration of your film. It could be something that stops you from experimenting, as you don't want to lose your frame. Perhaps you like your negative the way it turned out, but you would like to play with an idea like designing weird characters, something not permanent to your frame. Discover how the panoramic light diffuser, available with the new DigitaLIZA+ , can additionally serve your imagination and help you to create endless funny pictures.

Pictures showing all the steps to draw on your diffuser.

What you'll need

  • Diffuser
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

In the new DigitaLIZA+, the 35 mm Panoramic Diffuser is positionned between the Backlight Panel and the 35 mm Film Holder. Would you like to make your negatives more interesting? Use the removable panel to draw funky figures or stick colorful tape on it.

Photo by Elisa Parrino

Change Your Mind, We Don't Mind

The advantage of a non-permanent alteration facilitates experimentation with the same frame in different arrangements. You never know which ideas will come to mind. From one layout, you'll be inspired for the next and draw something else while this flux of thoughts can go on and on.

It is best to use a pencil rather than a pen, as a pen could leave stains and permanent marks on the surface, making it more difficult to clean after. In between patterns, an eraser will be enough. However, after use, to properly clean the diffuser, dish soap and a sponge will do the trick.

Photo by Elisa Parrino

And now, let the fun begin! Be inspired with whatever comes to your mind. Are you dreaming of donuts falling from the sky? Why not! How about meeting a U.F.O. landing on earth? Hell Yeah!

There can never be bad ideas, only ideas that won't see the light, but what a shame that would be! As you can see, we love to try as many wild thoughts as possible. We hope you can join us and share your funky characters materializing throughout your pictures.

Do you already have a DigitaLIZA+? Did you enjoy scanning your negatives at home? Share your experiments with us and upload your pictures on our

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