Pegboard Vibes — a Photo Gallery by @claus_pal

We love looking at the photos posted by our fellow community members. It's easy to find inspiration in our pool of gorgeous analogue shots especially now since there are a lot of newcomers who are sharing their take on the analogue life.

Credits: claus_pal

We were hooked by the work of @claus_pal the moment we saw them. We were instantly remembered of pegboards where you can pin different photos and memoirs that inspire you to be creative. Claudia's photos have that warm feeling to them and they're just so inviting. The photos are just scenes from her life but we feel a familiar vibe in them. It might be deja vu or something else entirely but we do know one thing, we'd love to see more from Claudia in the months to come.

Credits: claus_pal

We would like to thank Claudia for sharing her work with the community. Follow her on her LomoHome and Instagram to see more of her photos.

written by cheeo on 2022-03-03 #people #places #analogue #photo-gallery #film-photography #lookbook #pegboard #claus_pal

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