The Sumida River Cruise Ships


The Sumida River is a river which flows through Tokyo, Japan. It branches from the Arakawa River at Iwabuchi and flows into Tokyo Bay. The Sumida runs through Tokyo for 27 kilometers, under 26 bridges spaced at about one bridge per kilometer. Let me introduce the cruise ship in this river.

The ship is a liner that stops in “Asakusa” and goes to “Tokyo Bay”. I enjoyed it’s cheap cost and special experience. It takes about 1 hour to move from Asakusa to Tokyo Bay. There is no need to make a reservation for regular service. Please buy the tickets at the ticket counter when you are on board.

The Sumida River has many bridges and sightseeing points, like Tsukiji Fish market, Tokyo tower, rainbow bridge and so on… Of course you can not jump off from the boat to see these sightseeing points.

The river is located near the “Asakusa” popular tourist destination. If you visit Tokyo, how about choosing this transportation from Asakusa to your final destination?

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