A Chat with LomoAmigo Ronmonroe and Treasuring Life Through Analogue Photography

Ronmonroe became popular while in college because she was beautiful and energetic. Later, she was signed by a famous Japanese entertainment company due to her incredible songwriting and musical ability. She always has healing smiles and passion towards life, which helped her gain great attention and popularity among the public. She was named "The most popular Chinese artist in Japan" by a famous magazine.

Besides being a model and an actress, she loves analogue photography and sharing her life on social media. It's a great pleasure to have Ronmonroe with Lomography today to talk about her story with analogue photography.

Photo shoot with Lomo Color Negative ISO400.

Introduction of Ronmonroe

「Hi, I'm Ronmonroe. I comes from Hunan, China. I currently work in Japan as a model and an actress. I'm also a blogger. I am addicted to fitness, diving, beauty and analogue photography. Photography plays an extremely important role in my life. I got my job opportunity from it. And now, since I have always been taken photos of, I enjoy taking photos for others, for landscapes, and for everything else. I want to seek the meaning of my life through photography.

Photo shoot with Lomo Color Negative ISO400.

When did you start using film cameras?
What is the most interesting part of analogue photography?

I have tried digital photography since 2016. And I suddenly got interested in film cameras. The first one I bought was Olympus U3 Film Camera, starting to record my daily life with it. Analogue photography brought new definition to photography and make pressing the shutter button significant. Film shooting encourages me to cherish every second of the present. I also look forward to the formation of light, shadow and color of the photos. Because of the uncertainty of film shooting, I think it is more attractive and mysterious.

「An old couple are chatting near the sea. I think they are really cute. 」Photo shoot with Lomo Color Negative ISO400.

What's your favorite way to take photos?

Because of my job, there are many pretty girls and handsome guys around me. I often take photos of them now. In Japan, taking film photos is very お洒落, which means vey fashionable and cool. Thus all of my friends love me shooting film photos for them. I also have much fun. I usually take cameras with me to record wonderful sceneries. Sky and flower are the two things that I feel particularly special. Recently, I also want to shoot portrait photos for myself through remote control.

Photo shoot with Lomo Color Negative ISO400.

What are the cameras and films you use most often?

The most used camera is Nikon F80 Film Camera I bought from a second-hand goods platform. It perfectly matches with Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. Nikon 35Ti Film Camera and Nikon AF600 Film Camera are the most portable ones. And Lomography Color Negative ISO400 Film is my favorite film. The color is clean and makes people feel luxury. I can get extraordinary pics with it every time. Additionally, as the price of films on the market goes up, the great formation and bright colors makes Lomography unique and outstanding.

Photo shoot with Lomo Color Negative ISO400.

What makes you passionate about photography?

The movie Memories of Matsuko has great impact on me. I became more sensitive about composition and colors. Photography is what I really want to do. I don't really be influence by anybody or anything. I feel like I was born to be a photographer.

Ronmonroe with Rororuko. Photo shoot with Lomo Color Negative ISO400.

Future Plan

I want to start a restaurant and hold a free analogue photography exhibition in Japan. Currently, I just want to work hard and do my best.

Photo shoot with Lomo Color Negative ISO400.

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