Lomography Partners: Time Fly Slow with Film of Hong Kong

Come one, come all. Lomography has partners all over the world to help serve your analogue needs. If you're from Hong Kong then it's your lucky day! We're featuring our Hong-Kong-based stockist Time Fly Slow with Film in today's installment of Lomography Partners.

© Time Fly Slow with Film

Can you introduce yourself to the Lomography community?

Hi! We're Time Fly Slow with Film and we're probably the smallest commercial film lab in Hong Kong.

What does analogue mean to you?

Analogue photography is irrevocable and tangible. The art form itself is already an expressive art language.

What does Lomography mean to you?

To us, Lomography is a scientist that works with fun film experiments.

© Time Fly Slow with Film

Why do you choose to work with Lomography?

People who choose to use Lomography film to work on their projects are usually creative and think outside of the box when it comes to photography. It's a fun mentality and that's why we like it.

What is your favorite Lomography product and why?

It has to be the LomoChrome series of films. They provide a different vision to analogue photography

Are you doing any creative projects right now in the store or personally? Please tell us more about them.

Recently I reviewed one of my improvised modification projects in the past. This post on our Instagram made use of 35 mm film in a 120 camera. We might do more of this kind of improvised project later on. To us, this experimental process is also very important in analogue photography.

© Time Fly Slow with Film

What does the future of analogue photography look like to you? How will this impact your store in the next ten years?

We love analogue photography and love how its art form impacts us. However, there are challenges that come with it from a business perspective. We're just hoping it gets better as time goes on.

What hardship did your shop/lab have to face during the lockdowns and what kept you going through these hard times?

As the limited supply of photographic film continues, the value of it rises like in mountain climbing. Meanwhile, the limitations and restrictions that prohibit us from going outside for fun continue, unlike in the past. With that, the number of film processing orders becomes more unstable. Being a new film lab surviving in the pandemic is like a goldfish living without water.

Quick Questions

What's the most annoying thing about running an analogue lab?

It sucks not to have a direct water tap inside the lab.

What's your favorite memory from the lab so far?

Every night while on our trip back home, we love it when people start posting and tagging us on social media with the developed shots.

© Time Fly Slow with Film

What would you do if you didn’t run a photo lab?

We think we'd still be in any film lab in HK. We want to devote ourselves to the process just in case we don’t run a film lab in the future.

Vital Information

Official Name: Time Fly Slow with Film
Began Accepting Film for Developing: May of 2021
Address: Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Services offered: 35 mm, 120, C41, B&W, E6, hand-developed
Film lab staff: 2

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