Brushing Up the La Sardina with Vina Du

Vina Du is a popular artist in China who is well-known for soft shades of colors and exquisite brushwork. Lomography collaborated with Vina in 2019. And this year, we were really glad to invite her again to paint on La Sardina as a campaign for Valentine's Day.

La Sardina X Vina Du

Brief Introduction of Vina Du

Vina is a professional illustrator. She runs a studio in Shenzhen with her friends. She loves to share her daily life and expresses her thoughts through painting. Vina's really happy to have this opportunity, cooperating with Lomography and decorating a unique film camera for the sweet holiday.

Vina Du and her studio

The inspiration of this work

It was ten years ago, I fell in love and thought the whole world deserved pink hugs. At that time, I published my first picture book. Obviously, the topic is about love. Now, I have already married that man. Valentine's Day reminds me of the period when we were flirting with each other. We missed each other, but we didn't want to be the one to make the first move. It's a sweet process of testing each other. You can see there's a subtle distance between the two characters, instead of a hug or kiss.

The front design

What's the difference between the two creations?

Last cooperation with Lomography is around 4 years ago. I just had my daughter, and I was extremely emotional. I remembered the background color of the draft for the last work was mint blue, this was because my daughter left her handkerchief on my office table. It reminded me of her soft feeling, so I involuntarily drew flowers on it, bedding my best wishes. However, the topic for this time is related to love. I thought the expression is supposed to be straight. The colors are more brilliant and vivid as well.

The back design

We know you'd like to take a family photo for 2022. Would you prefer using a film camera to capture this type of precious moment?

Taking a family photo is supposed to be the easiest in the wishlist. But, because of the pandemic, I failed to go back to my hometown to celebrate the new year. But thanks for the heads up, I think instant camera or film camera is close to life and realistic. Sometimes, filters will change how things look. Here's a photo taken during my childhood with a film camera. I do love it. Hopefully, I can find some old film cameras at home to fill my memory bank.

Vina's childhood photo shot by her dad with a film camera.

Could you share some tips with other couples?

No matter how much you love the other person, or how much he/she loves you, you should stay independent, in terms of personalities, hobbies, friends... Probably it is because I love painting, I don't feel I am working while drawing. I believe that putting a lot of efforts into your work or business, will make you more confident.

Illustrations from Vina's first picture book.


Thanks Vina for sharing your amazing work!

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