The Online Magazine Section Refresh: More for the Community!


First, we’ve introduced our News & Analogue Lifestyle sections. Now we have some more welcome changes in store with our newly-refreshed submission pages for Locations, Tipster and Reviews! We’ve got lots in store for you by just contributing and keeping our lil ’ol Community a place to exchange ideas and stories!

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We’ve now narrowed down our Magazine sections to give everyone concise reading material for whatever mood you’re into, and it will help us streamline checking through and publishing all your posts more efficiently! We’ve also revised our Piggy Point FAQ, as we’ve upped the stakes for your hearty contributions to the Online Lomography Community!

The streamlining of reviews will open more categories and possibilities for you to review products, tell stories and brag about the Locations you’ve been to!

What’s in store for the Community?

  • Concrete submission forms & guidelines so you won’t be clueless about what we’re looking for in a contribution
  • Easier uploads and drag & drop capability
  • A broader category system for LomoLocations – Now you can submit Locations on just about anything as long as it’s a physical place (destinations, venues, festival places, landmarks, stories) – giving you more ideas and places to visit!
  • Cameras, Films and Accessory reviews are now housed under one general Reviews section for easier navigation
  • More content from our Localized pages
  • A better reading experience for the Community, and more room for Lomographic discourse!
  • Section-based competitions in store, for e.g. ‘Themed Location’ competitions
  • Piggies!

What’s in store for the LomoStaff?

  • Easier monitoring and publishing of your reviews
  • Easier distribution of Piggies
  • More room for giving feedback on your contributions
  • A more organized way of viewing reviews and posts in their respective sections
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Read about our News Submission Guidelines
Read about our Analogue Lifestyle Submission Guidelines
Read about our new Location Submission Guidelines
Read about our new Tipster & Lab Rats Submission Guidelines
Read about our new Reviews Submission Guidelines

Ready to Submit?

Analogue Lifestyle

What are Requested Posts?

What is the Requested Posts section, you say? Well, there’s a higher Piggy stake for one! It’s a great way to do some writing on research topics that will be of interest to the analogue community, and you’ll have more Pigs to spend! Requested Posts will be on a range of various topics, ranging from pretty much everything – News, reviews, in-depth research and more! 10 Piggies will be awarded for every successfully approved request from our List! We are also giving out higher stakes for more difficult topics.

Piggies, Piggies, Piggies!

Here is the new Piggy Point system rundown:

  • All published submissions will receive 5 Piggy Points in all sections mentioned above (Locations, Reviews) when they are published.
  • When a submission matches a topic from the “Requested Posts” you can add another 5 Points to that for a total of 10 Piggy Points per publication.
  • Translated posts get 5 Piggies for every published & approved post. See guidelines
  • As requested: Tipsters now have Piggy Points!
  • If your post is featured in a newsletter you can look forward to getting an additional 10 Piggy Points. (Please contact if you see your contribution on our any Newsletters! These exclude ‘Top Posts’ in the Magazine Times and similar rank-based Newsletters)
  • Each month we will feature one (or more) post/s from Locations, Reviews and Tipster. These posts will receive an additional 20 Piggy Points!
  • Further Revised Piggy information can be found in our Piggy Point Guidelines

Got any questions? See any inconsistencies with our section updates? Please let us know through this post!

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  1. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    Hey this is a great new magazine!
    Like finding new informations that i couldn't find so easily before (for piggies, articles and so on)

  2. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    thanks ;) it is still a work-in-progress so please let us know if you find anything inconsistent/weird!

  3. dogma
    dogma ·

    WoW this is amazing! i love what you guys do with this site!!!! keep doing same way ;)

  4. anselmialessandro
    anselmialessandro ·

    Good job... the new magazine is great :) I like it.
    I'd like to translate some articles in Italian but I can't do .
    What do you think about an Italian translation option in the "tranlsate form"?

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