The Ultimate Muse of All: Intimacy in Photography

Valentine's Day is in the air and we could not resist the smell of chocolate, while the incredible amount of red balloons are all around us. To celebrate with our Community, we have decided, for today's article, to explore the theme of intimacy.

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Intimacy is the unique bond that forms with your loved one. What you cherish and like about someone, is not only their look. Perhaps, more importantly, it is how their way of living life has an impact on you and your life, how that match bounds a couple together.

Go Beyond The Obvious

Many great photographers have worked their entire life to portray intimacy. To honestly look behind the cliché of an intimate moment that has nothing to do with the intimacy of a deep emotional connection between two people. Being able to capture the pure essence of a relationship and freeze it in time, to create something that transcends the banality, is not an easy subject. Nor an easy task.

When creating such images, we want to look beyond ordinary pictures. Sure, in every person's life, there are familiar moments shared by many of us. However, the love and care that we have for someone special; go beyond the standard ideas that we might have about love.

The Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki recorded his relationship with his wife whom he married in 1963 until she died of uterine cancer in the early '90s. He is known for his explicit nude photos, which are quite controversial. However those images, capturing spontaneous moments of life, channel a sense of timelessness. In the early years of their marriage, Araki is capable to show the deep intimacy that arouses from his bond and love for Yoko.

Credits: ariyakaratas, hanibale, theresia, devrimarie, filippo779, alewino & drummerlizard

Is It Worth Taking The Shot?

Here lie the difficulties of this subject: when approaching such a theme, it is only natural to start by shooting mundane and trivial images. There is indeed the urge to record every instant, to keep a record of every happy occasion. How can we create an everlasting picture that talks about love? More importantly, is it possible to photograph love?

Time not making pictures is just as important as time making them. One depends on the other. Preston Gannaway

Like in real life, some relationships just don't take off. However, stories do become something more intense special, unique. Our feelings evolve into a more complex combination, so our pictures should do the same. The way we portray that story should grow as well. That's when your vision transcends your sphere and becomes a universally recognized and shared feeling.

Credits: madtwinsis, drumfire, bridgetj, jacopobellelli & iblissss

Trust Is a Matter of Time

However, there is one element in this equation that can not be forgotten: and that is trust. Without utter freedom of being oneself, truly letting go, believing that there will be honesty throughout someone's vision, there can not be an authentic representation.

In a pure moment of vulnerability there, a photographer can find the essence of love. It is not the evident manifestation of a physical connection; it is after all the cementing and
the intricacy of a life spent together.

Credits: frenchyfyl, dwasawat, ts_, laphotoargentique & bellamontiel

We want to hear from you; how do you approach intimacy? Which moments, do you think can tell a great love story? Comment in the section below and show the pictures of your significant others with our Community.

written by eparrino on 2022-02-14 #people #love #valentines-day #intimacy

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