Wide-Eyed and Wonderful with the La Sardina Camera

The La Sardina camera was given its name due to its body shape having an uncanny resemblance to a sardine tin. Some of you might remember the launch parties around the world where each shop gave away real tins of sardines on the night. And if you happened to be in the Soho store, you'll remember that some of those tins managed to leak oil all over the shop floor! We've got a real soft spot for this 22 mm lensed, 35 mm beauty, so let's dive straight in and see what treasures we found from the UK community archive of La Sardina shots!

It's clear from the reactions on totsytea and kneehigh85 faces that this is a fun camera and it's the perfect addition to your holiday. This camera's wide-angle lens means you can snap beautifully wide street and landscape shots just as easily as a close-up and you'll still get a dramatic effect.

Credits: totsytea & kneehigh85

We love ollieryerye & kathiia's experiments with different films here, especially the results from using the Redscale film.

Credits: ollieryerye & kathiia

Have you got some great La Sardina photos hiding away? Share your favourite La Sardina shots on social media using the hashtag #EasyLomoAnalogue from July 6th-13th and you could win a £10 coupon for our Online Store.

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