Junell Tanio's Natural Portraits with LomoChrome Purple


Filipino photographer Junell Tanio decided to pursue his film photography dream after moving to New York. He takes inspiration from all facets of the city, photographing the diversity of faces and fashion and the auras of colors and architecture. He shows us his experimental series on LomoChrome Purple and talks with us a bit about his creative life.

Photos by Junell Tanio

Hi Junell, lovely to have you on our Online Magazine. Can you tell our readers a bit about who you are?

Hi everyone, my name is Junell Tanio. I'm a Filipino photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

When did you begin film photography, and what’s your relationship with it now?

I started doing photography in 2016, but fully transitioned to shooting in all film by late 2018. I love film; it gives you certain feelings/emotions, unpredictable results, sometimes exciting color changes, everything about it is addicting.

Photos by Junell Tanio

How would you describe your photography style?

I think it's more natural. I like to take photos of people who are different than the normal society. I love diversity and fashion at the same time.

What do you look to for inspiration these days?

I'm mainly inspired by the city where I live now, which is New York. There are so many colors, interesting faces, unexpected moments, architectures, and people.

Photos by Junell Tanio

How did you approach our LomoChrome Purple film? Is there a story behind this series?

There is really no story behind the series. I just wanted to try something different than what I usually do and let whatever creative juice I had that day flow.

Does the film complement your style? How did you like it?

I would say it depends on what type of situation I'm photographing that day. It was super easy to use. The deep purple color was just amazing to me.

Photos by Junell Tanio

Is there anything you look forward to experimenting with?

I would love to try some of the Lomography color negative films, and also the infrared.

Finally, what does the rest of the day look like for you?

I work full-time as a nurse. It's my safety net for now until this photography thing takes over. I would love to work as a full-time freelance photographer in the future.

Find more of Junell's work via Instagram and his website.

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