A Ribsy Review Using a Modified Folding Land Camera and the LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back

Ribsy's YouTube channel is jam-packed with every conceivable film-related topic and tip to help you learn more about film, he even recently launched his own brand of film called New Classic Film EZ400. With so much knowledge and passion, we couldn't miss the opportunity to send a LomoGraflok for him to test out. In this interview Ribsy shares his experiences shooting with this instant back using a modified folding land camera and shows us some of the results from his latest photoshoot.

Photos by Ribsy, Model: Lemzi

Hi Ribsy, welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Please introduce yourself to our readers?

I go by Ribsy and I hail from New York City, although I currently live in London. I love to photograph everything and anything, but focus mostly on portraiture and street photography. I'm lucky enough to have cultivated a great community on Instagram, YouTube and a podcast, where I share my everyday experience with analogue photography.

Photos by Ribsy, Model: Lemzi

What is it that you like about large format photography?

Large format is much slower than other formats, especially compared to 35 mm. Thus, this speed makes the end result that much more rewarding. In a sense, large format feels more classic than any other format, given its place in history.

Photography evolved from large format and so it's pretty cool to 'travel back in time' in a way, via large format photography. With an instant film back, you get such fast gratification. It's hard to beat that thrill.

How did you get on with the LomoGraflok?

I got on just fine! The product is so simple that there is no worry of making any errors with it. It's simply a film holder and a processor. My particular setup makes it even easier since I have a custom Polaroid 110a camera that was modded by a friend. The mod allows me to use the camera handheld or on a tripod with full rangefinder focusing, with the LomoGraflok back attached. The mod is calibrated to the film plan of the LomoGraflok back, so I can just leave it attached to the camera the entire time. I create the image by triggering the shutter on the lens and then simply press the eject button the LomoGraflok The result is the dopest instant film experience you are ever going to enjoy. I loved the LomoGraflok back before acquiring this modded Polaroid, but now I see myself using this combination nonstop.

Photos by Ribsy, Model: Lemzi

Tell us a bit about these photos?

I shot these photos in a studio in East London. I reached out to my friend Lemzi, who is a rapper and spoken word poet. He's got talent and swag, so it's always a joy to collaborate with him. I used window light and constant studio lighting to achieve contrasty and cinematic lighting. My goal was to highlight his face while letting the shadows go dark. Instax film doesn't have much latitude so you have to pick what to expose for carefully - I chose the highlights. In the end, I love the images -- perhaps next time I'd put the camera on a tripod to minimize any camera shake.

Head on over to Ribsy's Instagram for more great analogue photos and check out Lemzi's work via his website.

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