Aigues Mortes or Dead Waters are red!

Aigues Mortes, a 6000 souls village in the Camargue region in South France, well known for Horse breeding. Personally I´m through with breeding horses, so I didn´t pay a visit to the stables and went straight to the village directly.
A good decision!

Where does the name Aigues Mortes (Dead Water) came from?
I can only think about one Idea. The people of Aigues Mortes are collecting salt from the nearby sea and maybe this could be a possible reason? Saltwater = Dead Water?!

Before you step into the city, which is surrounded by a big wall, the first sign you see looks really strange? What is the meaning? You can´t step into the city while wearing bath clothes but beeing naked with a naked dog is ok? Who knows but figure it out by yourself. I wear clothes this day and have no dog – and I passed.

Inside of the wall, there are a lot of tiny shops, magic stuff for women.
Rarely, I saw so many women, aged around 50, checking out oriental scarfs or buying french food, herbs or seasalt.

But there was one shop, I also can´t resist.
Passing by it looked like a filmset from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
Tons of Nougat, Cookies, Chocolate and other sweets are mirrord in the eyes of the lovely female sales. The smell was like paradise and you could try the stuff right there.

It was very difficult to resist and in the end I came out of the shop, buying Nougat for 14 Euro (!) – whatever, that´s the spirit of holiday….haha.

The rest of the village was explored fast, the sea was calling us back but this is already another location.

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