Aubrey Rose's Otherworldly Landscapes on Lomography 110 Films


If 110 film isn't experimental enough in your analogue journey, see how Indiana-based Aubrey Rose takes a step further in her unique approach to 110 photography!

Moody, gritty, otherworldly—these might be a few words that come to mind when viewing her work. She captures landscapes the way her imagination allows, often with color shifts, film soups, and natural manipulations. She experiments with her trusty Diana Baby camera and a variety of Lomography 110 films, including Lobster Redscale, LomoChrome Purple, and Color Tiger. Get to know Aubrey through our conversation below!

Taken by Aubrey Rose

Hello Aubrey, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Lomography Magazine. Can you tell us who you are?

Hello! I am a 28-year-old photographer from Indiana.

When did you first press the shutter button? And how did you get into 110 format?

I first began taking photos back in 2009 when I was in high school. I took a break for a while after not really finding my voice with it. I found myself with some extra time as Covid was going on so I decided to try film again. I picked up a Diana Baby in the spring of 2020 because I really loved the quality of the format; I was looking for something not so perfect. It felt softer and just had a special ambiance to it other formats didn’t. I had a trip planned to Las Vegas that fall and took as many rolls as I could. I haven’t been able to stop since. I instantly fell in love with the first scans I received back and was hooked from there.

You certainly have a unique vision for your photographs. Who/what inspires you?

I can’t say a single thing inspires me, everything really does. A nice breeze on a day I’m enjoying, the feeling of excitement when I’m with my friends, beautiful views on a hike. Life and everything about it inspire me.

Taken by Aubrey Rose

How would you describe your photography style in your own words?

I don’t necessarily know how to describe my style. I just like taking photos and experimenting until I come up with something I like.

You took these on a variety of Lomography 110 films. How did you like them and do you have a favorite?

I haven't been able to stop using Lomography 110 films since my first encounter with them. Especially the Lobster Redscale. I shoot it more than any other and don’t see myself stopping soon. I carry my Diana Baby with a roll of Lobster with me every day, everywhere I go. I do love all of the films available though, they each have something special about them in their own way.

Taken by Aubrey Rose

These photos almost bring us to another planet. Where were these taken?

These photos are a mixture of Red Rock National Conservation Area, Indiana Dunes National Park, and the drive from Vegas up to Zion National Park.

How do you achieve your end results?

My end results are mostly from experiments and errors. I’ve scanned negatives on top of one another, left rolls of film in the sun for months on end, froze them, scanned them backward, and many other things. I just like to manipulate and have fun with the film to see what it can do under different conditions. I like to experiment to take the world around me and create another one with it. Some of course have post-editing to help me achieve a certain vision I have for the image.

Taken by Aubrey Rose

Is there any advice you have for anyone looking to try 110 film?

If you’re thinking about it, just do it. You can take it anywhere and everywhere, it fits in your pocket or purse, in your glove box or backpack. It’s so easy to take with you there's no reason not to.

"This format has completely changed my view on photography and helped me declutter some of the pressure of feeling like I need clear, sharp, high-end images like you see online everywhere. It’s fundamentally changed this hobby for me and I love it even more now because of it. I absolutely encourage everyone to try it."

What are you up to next? Is there anything we can expect?

I am working on some small projects that I hope will yield some wonderful stuff. I try to keep my process low pressure so I don’t feel the need to post daily and produce stuff that isn’t true to me. I’ll be around sharing tidbits of life for a while, that you can expect.

Thanks for sharing Aubrey! Find more of her work via Instagram.

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