Grimb x Lomography Holds a Lomo’Instant Event: “Things I Want to Capture in 2022”


The street is already filled with sparkling lights and carols. At the end of 2021, Seoul-based illustrator Grimb and Lomography prepared a brief event and custom-designed Lomo'Instant camera, showcasing Grimb’s warm drawings. Learn more about the instant photography event and Grimb’s custom Lomo’Instant here.


Hello, Please introduce yourself to the Lomography readers!

Hello, I'm Grimb. I draw the daily lives of my wife and cats as if taking pictures. I've been exposed to Lomography a lot through film, and it's an honor to introduce my work to many people who use it through this collaboration.

© Grimb

It's happy to spend the end of the year warmly through collaboration with you. How did you decide on the event?

I collaborated on Lomo'Instant by dissolving my drawings, and the event content was 'Things I Want to Capture in 2022'. It could be a photo, it could be a painting, it could be your will or your goal. I think it will be a theme that will allow you to look back on the year you have lived and think about the new year at the same time.

Lomo'Instant and Lomo'Instant Automat Glass ©Grimb

Please introduce the Lomo'Instant camera you designed.

First of all, the intuitive word instant was very relatable. The advantage of instant cameras is that they can capture the daily life around me very simply and quickly. In addition, because of the unique sensibility of Lomography, I think everyone will be satisfied in terms of design and results.

Lomo Instant ©Grimb

How does it feel to use Lomo Instant Automat Glass?

Lomo'Instant Automat, which properly mixes the functions of film cameras with existing instant cameras, was able to produce interesting results according to functions such as additional lens attachment or multiple exposures. I used to take pictures of cats and print them on the walls, but I felt that Lomo'Instant Automat was perfect because it was pretty, comfortable, and I could put the results right away!

Lomo'Instant Automat Glass ©Grimb

Do you like taking pictures? What kind of pictures do you usually take?

I don't always bring my camera, but I like to take pictures of people when I travel or go somewhere. I like photos that tell a story from a distance, and I like photos that are full of people's expressions taken up close.

Lomo'Instant ©Grimb

Is there anything you want to talk about with your readers through your work?

I started drawing to record everyday things that are easily forgotten. It contains very ordinary stories, but the power they emit is unusual. I'm sure the readers will also take a picture because they know it. I want to share the works of beauty and charm of everyday life with my readers.

Lomo Instant ©Grimb , Cat: Babpool

Do you have any plans as an illustrator for the new year?

I would like to continue experimenting with packaging work or collaborations that add pictures to products like this one. The process of mixing different things to create synergy is really fun. There were a lot of concerns before this work came out. It was not easy to put my personality in a limited space. But I can't tell how lovely the finished work is. I'll introduce many pleasures in the future.

© Grim_b

Thank you to the artist Grimb for joining us for a special event at the end of 2021. If you want to know more about Grimb's work and news, check out his website and Instagram!

written by hey_springtime on 2022-01-20 #culture #people

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