A Gallery of Psychedelic and Kaleidoscopic Film Exposures by mot11


Tokyo-based photographer and Lomographer mot11 constantly turns the famous metropolis into an urban wonderland with their knack for surreal multiple exposures. Layers upon layers of essentially the same subject or composition create unique patterns that can be interpreted into an entirely different subject matter.

Credits: mot11

The use of filter and color-shifting films is inherent in their work, forming vivid and trippy utopias. Primary colors blanket each other and create secondary colors in between. It's as if the audience is looking through a kaleidoscope, 3D glasses or both.

But even with black and white film, the Lomographer's talent for creating these maze-like multiple exposure landscapes shows.

Credits: mot11

Such feat in analogue photography can only be achieved through endless experiments and trial-and-error, but Lomogrpaher mot11 shows that the payoff for the hard work and patience for this craft is all worth it in the end.

Credits: mot11

For more of their work, visit their LomoHome and Instagram.

written by cielsan on 2022-02-19

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