Neon Noir and Futurism: Hong Kong on Film by fishmonkeycow

Hong Kong-based Lomographer and photographer fishmonkeycow takes us to a visual trip of splashing neon colors in the nighttime of the city. Through their film and lenses, an evening in Hong Kong always feels energetic and endlessly alive.

Credits: fishmonkeycow

The way they paint the streets are often with the accompaniment of their fashionable models and friends, dressed in such a way they harmoniously blend with the background, like permanent fixtures of Hong Kong City. Cool and warm also meet in between their compositions as blues and reds clash in majorly black-colored compositions. The Lomographer also focuses on varying sources of light to create an illusion of futurism.

Credits: fishmonkeycow

For more of their work, visit their Instagram and website.

written by cielsan on 2022-01-27 #culture #places #street-photography #hong-kong #portraiture

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