Analog Canada Day

Canada Day celebrations at The Forks, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Another year has passed, and with it, another July 1st to celebrate the birthday of this beautiful country I live in. From far and wide, oh Canada!

So this year Winnipeg received me with a heat wave, and a free outdoors show at The Forks, our most popular celebration venue. “From the city in the centre of the nation” The Waking Eyes, a manitoba born band, sang their most recent album and some old tunes to celebrate the birthday of the true north strong and free. As the day faded into night, my faithful LC-A+ captured sharp colourful moments from bright light to bare stage light.

And if seeing my all time favourite local band wasn’t enough, they were followed by the fantastic Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, who played everything from the Beatles to the Star Wars theme.
To finish the night grand, and right before the fireworks, both band and orchestra, got together on stage to celebrate the greatness of the prairies.

Because i knew there would be people everywhere, heat, and low light conditions, I knew this was a place for my LC-A+ who’s not afraid of anything! It it was the first time i have attended an event without my digital camera, and just with an analog friend. I felt my life turn analogue when i realize that it was the best decision i could have made. The results exceeded any expectations i had, The LC-A+ adapts itself to any situation, and that’s why it is now always in my bag. It doesn’t matter where i go or what i do, there will always be something worth capturing in film, and i found the perfect little compact magic friend to do the job.

written by samistardust on 2010-05-13 #lifestyle #lc-a #canada-day #waking-eyes #symphony-orchestra #the-forks

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