Prairie Landscapes


Only an hour south-west from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the simplicity of the country-side wilderness surprised me with a love for the prairie life and landscapes. I’ve always been a city girl. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tall skyscrapers and congested avenues are my air to breathe.

But one day my parents decided that life in Argentina wasn’t what it should be, so we moved to Canada. It took me years to downsize to Winnipeg, to learn to love it for what it’s got, and to understand that home can be somewhere else. But it wasn’t until this past year that i discovered a new way of loving Manitoba and the prairies; I discovered the country. I met someone who lived about an hour from winnipeg, in a town called Morden, and i started doing trips back and forth every weekend. The highway that takes me there was full of unknown structures and machines of country life. the unlimited flatness and emptiness of the land made me feel like stopping the car and running off in the fields. Life an hour from Winnipeg was better. It was like going on holidays every weekend. Life in the country was calmer. Things were slower, they made more sense.

And then a few months later I moved to London, England, to satiate my need for city life. I was there for five months, and some time within those long walks through the city I discovered the Lomography store, took a course, bought an LC-A+ and everything turned compact, colourful, and fun. Knowing how soon i would be leaving the city of my dreams, i got excited to bring my new creative output back home and back to the country.

And so I did. A friend and I headed to a music festival the first weekend I arrived from England. I brought a bag full of cameras and fresh eyes to fall in love again with a place that i never thought could feel like home. And there i was, my LC-A+ dressed in it’s instant back (because instant back is only for special occasions) , and myself were running wild under the prairie skies. The trip to our final destination turned out to be twice as long as it should have been, but we climbed dirt mountains, saw the most beautiful clouds, and met again with the now so known farm machines.

I went from city, to small city, to town, to realize that what can make a place beautiful is it’s uniqueness. what makes it different than anywhere else is how you know it and how you see it. Discovering it’s little secrets and knowing that only a few of us know them, gives us a key into the world. That key is the chance to let someone else take a different look inside the wonderful world we live in. I was lucky to be shown Southern Manitoba by locals. I will be thankful for ever.

written by samistardust on 2010-07-28 #places #location #country-side #prairie #lc-a-instant-back #manitoba


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Discover the pairie and onself, beautiful article and pretty photos.::))

  2. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    lovely story! i really like it

  3. deff1
    deff1 ·

    great story and shots!

  4. vikingprincess
    vikingprincess ·

    Love it. I grew up in Morden and have been thinking about all the places I want to go with my cameras when I'm there in a couple of weeks.

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