Dane Manary's Visual Stories with Lomography Films

The last time we spoke with Dane Manary, he showed us his impeccable eye for telling visual stories of the New York City streets. He's practicing awareness through his photography, emphasizing the smallest fleeting moments that can turn into the greatest feelings.

He's back to share some of his latest shots from his Lomography Color Negative 400 and LomoChrome Metropolis rolls, as well as a conversation on how this past year has been for him.

Photos by Dane Manary

Hi Dane, it's great to have you back on our Online Magazine! How's life as a photographer these days?

Thank you for having me. It’s been difficult to find time to shoot the way I want to lately. NYC winter is not my time to thrive, and I’m trying to stay afloat. I’ve been in survival mode, to be honest.

How has your photography style developed this past year?

I got into a nice flow of obsession this year. Back in July, I was given the opportunity to shoot my first project for the New York Times, and I worked hard to think about what I wanted to convey with the images. Documentary photography comes naturally to me, but it does not come easy. The main part of the work isn’t technical, it’s critical thinking, and I’m excited to keep pushing myself.

What are some of your recent outlets to gain creative inspiration?

I’m learning how to shoot 16 mm motion picture film right now. There is an organization called Mono No Aware in Brooklyn that is a unique and inclusive atmosphere to learn motion picture processes.

Photos by Dane Manary

Which aspects of the NYC street photography community make it special to you?

I like when personality shows in someone's work, and it’s special to get to know people and connect through the messaging and tone in their photographs. It’s also nice to have conversations on sidewalks and street corners all over the city.

Onto your photos! You shot with our Color Negative 400 and Metropolis films. How do you feel about the films and the results you produced?

The films were wonderful. The Metropolis film exceeded my expectations. I normally don’t use altered colors but I really enjoyed the subtlety and feel of this film.

Photos by Dane Manary

Can you choose a photo from this series and tell us the story behind it?

I shot the LomoChrome Metropolis film on a trip upstate with friends. I used a point-and-shoot that ended up having crazy light leaks. There’s one photo of my partner Shayna performing at an event called avant-garde-o-rama in Woodstock. The light leaks surround her perfectly in the frame.

Photos by Dane Manary

What advice could you give to those starting their analog photography journey?

I would say communicate who you are and follow your own style. It sounds simple, but with so many images on the internet, things can end up lacking heart.

Photos by Dane Manary

Finally, what have you got planned for the rest of the year? Is there anything we can expect from Dane Manary?

I’m hibernating and regenerating. I’m planning to make chapter two of a new zine in the spring, as well as some experimental films.

Thanks for sharing with us Dane. Be sure to check out his Instagram and website.

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