Warm Horizons: Yameen's First Impressions of Lomo LC-Wide


After a successful run with our LC-A+ and LC-A 120 cameras, Yameen is back at it—this time testing out our LC-Wide. In our first introduction, he showed us his skills in capturing vibrant and balanced compositions. How does an ultra-wide-angle lens change his perspective? Here are his first impressions and shots taken on the Lomography Color Negative 100 and Color Negative 400!

Photos by Yameen

Welcome back Yameen! How's your creative life been since we last spoke?

Yoooo, thank you! It’s been very busy: I just put the finishing touches on my latest photobook, Kuya and of course I have been taking lots of pictures as well. Thanks for having me back!

What got you interested in our Lomo LC-Wide camera?

I’m such a big fan of the Lomo LC-A+ and especially the LCA-120 that I just had to try out the other member of the family: the LC-Wide. Particularly because I really enjoy the challenges that come with shooting extra wide angle, so my interest overall was very piqued.

Photos by Yameen

What were your first impressions of the camera?

“Oh, this feels just like a Lomo LC-A+!” They’re almost indistinguishable from each other at first glance. The tell-tale differentiator has to be the sleek red stripes that decorate either side of the LC-Wide. Without further scrutiny, you would be hard-pressed to visually tell the difference between the two 35 mm LC cameras.

The LC-Wide is a bit simpler to use than the other LC cameras, featuring only two focal distances to choose from on the zone-focus tab. I actually found that quite liberating in practice, bringing the camera closer in line with a traditional point-and-shoot. I used the close-focus zone for anything less than 1 meter and the Infinity zone for everything else. Pretty simple!

Have you shot other cameras with wide lenses before? If so, how does this one compare?

Nothing as wide as the LC-Wide. For years I was solely a 28 mm shooter which I always considered pretty wide. When I picked up the LC-A 120 with its 21mm-equivalent lens I instantly fell in love with all of the new perspectives and ideas I could capture. But none of those “wide” lenses can compare to the 17mm field of view of the LC-Wide.

We're loving the warm-toned grandeur of the landscapes. Can you walk us through this shoot? Where did you go?

Thank you! I walked around The Richmond, West Portal & Forrest Hill districts of San Francisco which are fairly residential. All of the beach shots were captured at Ocean Beach, also in San Francisco. What I was primarily trying to do was find compositions that could interestingly fill the entire frame of the 17 mm field of view. It’s pretty tricky! I really appreciated the challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Is there a favorite shot out of this series? Why?

Photos by Yameen

I think this shot taken on Ocean Beach with the surfers is my favorite. I love how every part of the frame feels utilized with some sort of compositional element in play. The colors from the late afternoon sun rendered super silky from the lens as well. The wide focal length confers a great sense of scale and presence.

Photos by Yameen

Also from the beach, this shot of the person standing in the small tide pool is a personal favorite. I really like the wide composition in portrait orientation; the reflection in the water acts as a leading line down to the sudsy bubbles of the sand.

Here I used the close-focus zone to isolate the beautiful flowers in the foreground, utilizing the handrail as an adjacent leading line up to the house and the palm tree in wait. The LC-Wide renders some of that great bokeh that I love about its sibling, the LC-A+.

Photos by Yameen

Finally, I really like this shot of the overpass as it twists and turns, leading the eye along with all four corners of the photo, each respectively filled with its own compositional elements.

Using the LC-Wide has inspired me to revisit movies that were filmed with wide focal lengths for inspiration: Touch of Evil, I Am Cuba & Mad Max: Fury Road come to mind. Close-up portraits could be really cool too, harking back to some of that wild 90’s “fisheye” look utilized so well in skate and music videos of the era.

Could you sum up your experience with the LC-Wide in three different words?

W-I-D-E, Fun, Fresh.

To whom would you recommend this camera?

I would recommend this camera to photographers or artists who appreciate the ease of use and constrictions of a point-and-shoot but want to capture the world in a super-wide, unique perspective. If you come from a “traditional” 50/35/28 mm background, I think trying the LC-Wide could help inject some new creativity into your projects.

Photos by Yameen

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks again, Lomography Magazine for having me! I really appreciate all of the different tools Lomography provides artists and it’s always my pleasure to share my experiences with others. Peace!

Thanks, Yameen for sharing your experience! Check out our first introduction of Yameen's photography here. And be sure to follow his Instagram and website!

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