Magic and the Muse — Photos by @zhangzitong


Ten years ago, a friend gifted Zitong Zhang (@zhangzitong) a Minolta X700, which opened up his world to film photography. "My good friend Chan Lin gave (the camera) to me, and it was totally a fresh new world. I couldn't stop taking photos."

He shares the same sentiments as other film photographers—that film photography is magical and the unexpected surprises that it brings make it enjoyable, albeit rather frustrating at times. "Some of the decisive moments I composed were not successfully recorded, but I like that the failed photos tell me to observe the world deeply and explore it better."

Credits: zhangzitong

On his LomoHome, he shares photos of everyday moments and travels. "I usually take film photographs naturally, and then I slowly explore the concept and then slowly develop it. I will suddenly come up with an idea that I want to realize."

Credits: zhangzitong

There are plenty of photos of his girlfriend, too—sometimes candid, sometimes posing. In the photo set, For Luna, he captured his muse bathed in blue light. This photo series was inspired by the moon during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

"The moon (during the festival) was very beautiful and bright as a coin. It lit an inspiration within me. I used LED lights and reversal films to shoot the portraits to simulate the moonlight, completing these all at home. The pictures feature my girlfriend. We both like everything about the mysterious universe, maybe in the future I will shoot universe-related themes!"
Credits: zhangzitong

To see more photos, visit @zhangzitong's LomoHome.

written by shhquiet on 2021-12-27

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