A Guide to Shooting Photos with Lomography B&W 120 Films

The sharp and distinct contrasts of darkness and light and the smooth in-between of silver and grey are unique characteristics that are synonymous with black and white photography. You can take this classic, analog look even further by shooting with a larger film size such as medium format film. In this article, we give you a guide to shooting with our range of 120 black & white films so that you can find the perfect film to fit your style.

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Berlin Kino 120 Film: All-Around Versatility

For dramatic versatility in monochrome, the Berlin Kino 400 120 easily takes the spot. The film has a high dynamic range to create seamless, clear yet distinct images. Even by pushing the film up to ISO3200, the film sustains its rich tonality. Your medium format shots will benefit from these. This film can do just about anything under any condition of light, for any genre or experiment. Expect starker contrasts with this film. Here’s our developing guide for the Berlin Kino 400 120.

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Panchromatic Portraits with the Potsdam Kino 120

The Potsdam Kino has a medium speed that works magic under
natural light source. Your 120 film shots with the Potsdam Kino will appear smoother, sharper and with less grain than the Berlin Kino 400. We suggest using the film with naturally-lit portraiture to capture more details while your subjects are rendered in seamless tone transitions. Shooting a lot of highlights makes the white fuller and starker compared to the Earl Grey 100. If you’re planning to shoot and develop your own shots with the Potsdam Kino, here’s its developing guide.

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Subtly Gritty & Grey with Earl Grey 100 120

When it comes to moody silver shots with a bit of grit, the Lomography Earl Grey 100 is the one for you. The Earl Grey, when used with intent, adds more texture through film grain. This film might be perfect for medium format users who want a bit more of that "textured print" look.

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Lady Grey 400 120 for Silvery Smooth Elegance

The Lomography Lady Grey 400 120 is one of our older monochromatic emulsions that’s known for its reliability. Its tonal range even under low-light can make masterpieces, as blacks and whites are richly-toned, the greys are flexible and adjustable. Details are more pronounced under even light when using this film. It's also fine-grained. These qualities enforce an extra powerful statement on medium format as your blacks and whites strike a balance -- perfect for lush storytelling on a straightforward genre.

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Lomography Potsdam Kino B&W 120

Freeze life’s most meaningful moments in gorgeous greyscale with this powerful black and white cine film.

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