Spend Your Holidays with a Miniature Camera and a 110 Film


It's that time of the year. What is the best way to frame a gathering with your family around a table, drinking, and singing, with the audacious members of your clan? We have the best way to let the spontaneity of those moments fly undisturbed. That's how you know that The Diana Baby is a perfect choice.

For this holiday season, we'd like to encourage you to live by the first of our Golden Rule: Take your camera everywhere you go. The 110 format film of the Diana Baby is the perfect tool that delivers the spirit of this season, and it marries our philosophy to the point.

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A Testament for the Future

Sometimes family gatherings are a source of great entertainment -- those are the moments where great stories will be told, for generations to come. To have your camera always with you will increase the chance to record these acts for prosperity. To gift pictures of those memorable moments can be priceless.

We know that a big camera can be intimidating and overwhelming, not only to you but to your subjects as well. They become immediately aware of you taking a picture. And suddenly, the mood shifts.

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Celebrate with Your Loved Ones

The Diana Baby will allow you to be like a fly on the wall. The handy format makes it a great tool at your service. While we are here, there is another Golden Rule that makes the case: Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it,

What a better moment and period of the year to truly celebrate the meaning of life. No matter who or what your family is made of, whether a chosen one or perhaps blood-bound -- they are your pack. The definition of family and life is love. In this case, we would like to add the love for photography as well.

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We look forward to seeing what your holidays look like and what kind of crazy and funny adventures you end up experiencing. Don't forget to upload your shots in our Community, and cheers to the fun times!

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Lomography Diana Baby 110

Lomography Diana Baby 110

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