The LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 New Formula in Hong Kong: Calvin Yung's First Impressions


Our brand new LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 formula has launched! We have given the very first rolls to one of our Lomography Community members hailing from Hong Kong -- Calvin Yung, and he's here to share his thoughts after shooting with this popular film!

© Calvin Yung | LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 formula

Hello Calvin! Welcome to Lomography Magazine! What have you been up to lately?

Hello everyone, my name is Calvin. I'm currently doing research on film printing and learning some shooting techniques. I am going to print some of the photos I took and hope the film printing effect can be similar to the original picture. Please support my project!

Recently you tried our new LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 formula. Please share your theme about the photos!

The whole shooting is casual; mainly street photography. This was the first time I shot with the New Metropolis film and I tried in both light and dark environments to see the difference from the old formula - the color has enhanced, has stronger contrast, and has better performance.

© Calvin Yung | LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 formula

What photo style do you think is suitable for the new LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 formula?

I think this new formula has a stronger cinematic feel, and it is suitable for people who like to shoot static things. Metropolis is a film with desaturated tones that can be used to reflect the more melancholic and somber side of the photographer. In Hong Kong, lots of people enjoy taking photos of old things that are about to disappear. The LomoChrome Metropolis film can make an intense nostalgic mood of the subjects.

How was it like when you were shooting this new formula? Did you have any noteworthy experience with it?

The new Metropolis film has strengthened the tonality of the color red a lot, and it has balanced the greens and greys even more. It retained the Metropolis's own style and enriches the color of the picture. In terms of shooting techniques, I think it's similar to the old Metropolis, it's very easy to use.

By the way, for my past experience with shooting the old Metropolis film on high exposure, the style will result in an expired film effect. If you want to use this effect, you can try the Metropolis!

© Calvin Yung | LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 formula

Which among the photos of this series is your favorite?

This one. This is the first and most satisfying minimalist style film ever! The white background can outline the tree clearly. This new Metropolis film can bring a sense of tranquility, especially in a depressing place like Hong Kong. It makes me feel calm and comfortable.

© Calvin Yung | LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 formula

What are your future plans?

I want my photos to be more artistic. A photography instructor once said to me, "The camera is like a paintbrush. If you know how to use it, you can portray your ideas on the work as you like." I think a good photo can allow people to feel the mood of the photographer and the photograph's atmosphere. I hope everyone who sees my work will feel the artistic conception of the photos and feel the relief.

Thank you Calvin for your sharing! You can follow his Instagram for more photos. The new formula 2021 of the LomoChrome Metropolis is now available on our Online Shop!

written by nikkicheung on 2021-11-23 #culture #people

LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.


  1. carblkm5
    carblkm5 ·

    Beautiful shots!

  2. iyan
    iyan ·

    I believe that this metropolis film has a great results when we shoot it indoor.

  3. iyan
    iyan ·

    I mean outdoor.

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