From a Stranger — a Photo Gallery by @29121993


It's always a delight to see old photos from a bygone era. It's a mystery that unravels itself on its own. Much like these photos shared by community member @29121993.

Credits: 29121993

"From a Stranger" is a fitting title coined by @29121993 for these albums. Believed to be taken in the 60s, the photographs show different scenes of daily life along with portraits of people in uniforms and other attires. The clothing seen in the photographs seems to be connected to the Algerian Revolution from 1954 to 1962 when Algeria fought for its independence from France.

There's little to no information available—the photographers, the people pictured, and the exact place and time where they were captured. It's still astonishing how these images came to light and how well preserved they are. Photography truly is an awe-inspiring thing. It's a bridge between different times—connected by a common desire to capture moments that capture the imagination and inspire interest.

Credits: 29121993

We would like to thank @29121993 for sharing their finds with the community. Follow their LomoHome to see more of their work.

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