Garden Delights in LomoChrome—Photos by @urbantristesse

As a self-described "nature child living in the city", @urbantristesse enjoys the best of both worlds. You'll find her taking photographs of urban art and abandoned buildings, as well as landscapes and animals. Using various cameras and films, she composes her own renditions of her chosen subjects during hikes and road trips. Her instinct to experiment led her to LomoChrome films, which she used for these lovely photos.

LomoChrome Purple

Having access to her Mom's garden is a great advantage for @urbantristesse. Testing the color-shifting LomoChrome Purple film on a flower bed allowed her to discover surreal versions of these blooms!

Credits: urbantristesse

LomoChrome Metropolis

Through the magic of the LomoChrome Metropolis, these macro florals in muted colors express a soft, vintage aesthetic.

Credits: urbantristesse

LomoChrome Turquoise

Who knew that Springtime could look like this? Commonly, we know cherry blossoms in white and pale pink, but the LomoChrome Turquoise transformed them into icy blue—a nice contrast to the coral-colored sky.

Credits: urbantristesse

To see more photos, check out @urbantristesse's LomoHome!

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