Mild and Moody — a Photo Gallery by @ksushak

If we can compare the photos of community member @ksushak to a drink, it would be something as soothing as tea. Her work is delicate and easy on the eyes—something that can give you a break from all the in-your-face stimuli in our fast-paced world.

Credits: ksushak

We just find these photographs very calming and to some degree, therapeutic. The combination of the colors, soft afterglow of natural light, and the subjects themselves combine to make a harmonious photo gallery. Everything is in moderation and the more you look at the frames, the more you appreciate their cool and calming effect. Not everything has to be bold and striking. Sometimes, soft and easy is much better.

Credits: ksushak

We would like to thank @ksushak for sharing her work with us. Follow her LomoHome to see more

written by cheeo on 2022-01-16 #people #places #color #moody #photo-gallery #ksushak

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