Around the World in Analogue: The Old and Graceful City of Dubrovnik

Once known as Ragusa, the port city of Dubrovnik sits on the Adriatic Sea, in Southern Croatia. It is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites for its spectacular medieval roots, walled in stone as it houses various baroque architecture. Many creatives and intellectuals alike will find a home in this stunning place. Lomographer Martina Vilar del Valle a.k.a. @martinaa, recently shared their travels to the fort city, all memorialized on colored film with their Canon Z115.

Last year was a strange year for everyone. In my case, I had dreamed of living in Europe for years and strangely, the opportunity to do so arose amid the pandemic. I lived in the north of France with my boyfriend for 9 months.

When we were finally able to travel outside of France (because clearly, in the midst of a pandemic, we couldn't do it for a while), we chose Dubrovnik as our first destination. I remember feeling the sun and heat when we got off the plane at the tiny Dubrovnik airport, and feeling alive again, after months living in a northern city with a cloudy and cold climate. Accustomed to living near the sea, arriving in Croatia was for us like breathing fresh air again.

And we were not disappointed. Dubrovnik was like traveling back in time. The center of the walled city is full of churches and stone buildings that made you feel in another era. And above all, the sea — the Adriatic Sea, which neither I nor my boyfriend knew, with a deep blue and with the reflection of the sun always making it shine.

On our second day exploring this wonderful city, while we were going around the outer wall, we found an ideal place to jump into the sea: hidden from tourists, under the walls of the historic center, overlooking the island of Lopud, where we spent our days lying under the sun, talking about life, the past, the future, how crazy and beautiful it is to travel.

Shortly after that trip, we had to return to our country (Uruguay), but we hope to return to Europe next year. To keep traveling, keep discovering hidden corners, keep surprising us with what life has to offer. I took the photos of this trip with a Canon Z115, a small automatic camera that I bought in a small shop in the center of my city for only 20 dollars, and that has given me the best photos of my trips.

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